Flying Audi RS6 Digitally Enjoys Maiden Voyage Thanks to Winglet Kit

Walk into an Audi showroom and you’ll be greeted by tons of official accessories, which cover everything from winter goodies for your car to toys that keep the little ones engaged during the journey. Well, not quite everything, since, for instance, you won’t find a flight kit on the list, at least not yet. Well, this rendering delivers just that, fitting a “Winglet” accessory kit to the Audi RS6.

In the present, it might seem a bit excessive to think about a 600 hp super-wagon that can fly. However, if we zoom in on the pedigree of this Autobahn train, which, by the way, is also brought to the US officially, we’ll find that its Audi Quattro Group B ancestor enjoyed its fair share of air time back in the 1980s, even though that was owed to jumping.

And while this effort tries to present the kind of gear you might be able to find in dealerships in the not-so-near future, we have to point out that the hardware replacing the wheels brings VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) machines to mind and we’re talking about a trending genre here.

Then again, it seems like this RS6 is prepared for high-velocity flight—what else would you make of the pair of jet engines included in this package?

Of course, altitude adventures would pose new challenges, but industrial designer Joseph Chataigner, who is behind the project, seems to have that cover.

For instance, most of the windows are protected against anything that might come into contact with them mid-air. Then there’s the light package—while the massive bumper and roof units should make nighttime landing/take-off easy, the red beacons on the door mirrors ensure the machine is visible while up in the air. Heck, zoom in on the said engines and you’ll even find an identification number for the flying object.

As stated in the Instagram post below, the French artist has also taken the current health crisis obstacles into account, dreaming about this kit as an alternative to the now-complicated process of using a commercial airplane.

The whole project has a bit of a DIY feeling to it and we can imagine somebody like master builder Colin Furze putting something like this together in his UK shop.



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