Fiberglass Millionaire Porsche 911 with Raw Widebody Is the Labrooy Edition CGI

In the almost six decades that have passed since the first Porsche 911 graced the roads of this world, the Neunelfer has been modded, mixed and matched in more ways than we can keep track of. And just when you thought you had seen them all, this Chris Labrooy rendering sweeps you off your feet.

Many die-hard 911 fans are all too familiar with the name of the Scotland-based digital artist since his digitally remastered Porsches are among his most famous works. If you’re new to this, we’ll just point out that the digital master has done so many Porsches that he can now reduce some of his most famous creations of the sort to a badge, hence the floating flamingo 911 you see on the doors and the hatch.

Yes, this 911, which is of the 964 kind (air-cooled, built between 1989 and 1994) comes with a hatch and it’s all done in one large piece of fiberglass, integrated louvers and all. And, together with the cutaway rear bumper, this allows us to check out the (turbocharged) boxer engine at the back, a pleasure Porsche has taken away decades ago.

The same kind of material is used for many other parts of the car, from the elongated, almost Daytona-like rear wing to the widebody of the machine.

The mix between the dominant pearl white shade, all the colorful bits, and the raw fiberglass makes for a fresh take, but there’s more. You see, that unpolished appearance is the opposite of what is displayed by famous 911 restomods, such as the ones done by Singer Vehicle Design.

The prices of the said cars are getting ridiculous (think: seven figures) and if anybody decided to bring Labrooy’s design to life, it could be done on a more or less tight budget, pleasing us in a counter-culture kind of way that would allow more enthusiasts to enjoy such custom Porschas—this explains our title.

The devil is in the details

The traditional straps that Porsche’s most extreme road-going 911s (e.g. GT3 RS) use for door handles seem to have been brought outside the car, in what is an art statement that also saves weight. Come to think of it, the lack of paint and other materials on such generous surfaces should have the same effect.

The 911 is always in its element on the track, which is why Labrooy has added a pair of helmets up front. And if you’ve ever had trouble fitting your luggage in the nose of a sports car, be it a 911 or not, this part of the virtual build should go straight to your heart.

A new approach. This is what this raw fiberglass and the recent F355, Labrooy’s first proper Ferrari work, stand for, with the digital master’s latest style providing all the eye candy we need.



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