Ferrari Roma Four-Door Sedan Gives the Porsche Taycan a Hard Time in Detailed Rendering

Now that Ferrari is almost ready to introduce the world to its first SUV—the Pursonague is coming this September—the company is preparing for its next big step, namely the release of the first all-electric Prancing Horse in 2025. The EV Fezza will most likely by a sports car. But what if this would be followed by a four-door like the Roma sedan portrayed in this independent rendering?

The previous decade brought monumental changes at Ferrari, from the company starting the development of the Purosangue to going public. And, two months ago, the Italian automaker introduced its 2022-2026 businesss plan, with electrification taking center stage.

The highlights of the company’s strategy involve 40% of all new Ferraris being EVs and 80% featuring a certain form of electrification by 2030. For the record, the Maranello’s current hybrid range only includes the SF90 that sits at the border of the hypercar genre and the 296 GTB V6 entry-level model, but these will be joined by the Purosangue (here’s an accurate 3D rendering of the Ferrari SUV).

Ferrari has created a new E-Building for handling the complete production and assembly of its future EVs within the Maranello factory, battery packs included.

Factor in the idea that company has increased its annual production cap past the traditional 10,000-unit value and you’ll see why we can’t rule out the possibility of a Ferrari sedan, be it all-electric or hybrid.

As for what history tells us, there’s been just one four-door saloon Prancing Horse, namely the Ferrari Pinin concept of 1980. Brought to the world courtesy of Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina for its 50th birthday, this even got the seal of approach from Enzo Ferrari. However, the show car, which was based on the 400 front-engined V12 grand tourer, didn’t come with an engine. Only two examples were built and, after one of them was crushed, the remaining unit is currently in private hands.

Returning to the present (or, better yet, the future), this CGI work casts an elegantly-stretched Ferrari Roma in the role of a sedan.

The Roma four-door sedan goes easy on the eyes

Digital artist Sugarchow (aka sugardesign_1) managed to maintain the Roma’s presence while adding a pair of doors. And while the sloping roof line is there for this specific purpose, the vehicle doesn’t feature a hatch, sporting a trunk lid instead.

The Roma seems like the perfect choice for such a virtual transformation. That’s because its styling language, which Ferrari markets under the La Nuova Dolce Vita slogan, has been universally praised. In fact, the Roma is such a sight for sore eyes that it may end up getting a Spider version that will replace the Portofino, as these recent spyshots suggest.

Yes, there are four exhaust pipes at the back of this 3D Ferrari, which would play to the tune of the hybrid sedan hypothesis above. However, it’s not difficult to imagine the car without them—while the loss of the Roma’s glorious V8 is the last thing we’d desire, we also have to take this possibility into account.

After all, the emotional touches Ferrari will undoubtedly add to its battery-powered vehicles would mean such a model would be easily differentiated from the Porsche Taycan or the U.S. assault coming from the tri-motor Tesla Model S and, as of this month, the Lucid Air Sapphire with its 1,200 electric ponies.



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