F1-Chopped C6 Corvette Z06 Rises as SEMA-Worhty Mid-Engined Chevy CGI

At first, a rendering portraying a C6 Chevrolet Corvette that has traded its rear “half” for what appears to be an F1 car conversion might seem a bit absurd. However, gaze at this digital contraption for longer and it might just appear as a real-life project waiting to happen. No really, from where we’re standing, this F1 ‘Vette has SEMA written all over it.

For starters, Corvette “kart” builds are booming in popularity. These involve Chevy sportscars that have lost their body panels, with these sometimes replaced by a tubular structure that serves both crash protection and aesthetic roles. Nevertheless, more affordable models like the C5 and the C4 are usually the starting points for such projects.

And this C6, which appears to be a mighty Z06 based on details like the front fender vents and the intakes that now make up the final bit of the factory body’s profile, could use the kart approach, albeit giving this a Formula One twist.

After all, with the Porsche and Audi preparing to re-enter the Great Circus after more decades than we can remember, a move allowed by the new 2026 engine regulations delivering the kind of fresh start that only comes about one decade at a time and Grand Prix racing becoming more popular in the U.S., F1-style builds could become the custom car realm’s next big thing.

Sean Demetros (aka demetr0s_designs), the digital artist behind the beast, talks about the engine configuration of the half-F1 ‘Vette—he aptly nicknamed if the CF16— in the comments section of an Instagram post showcasing the ride. And while the C6 Z06 holds a monstrous 7.0L LS7 north of the firewall, that space is now a frunk.

There’s more than a splash of C8 Corvette in this rendering

The midship configuration that allows us to put this bad boy into the same sentence with the factory C8 Corvette also involves a pair of turbos. For the record, turbocharged V8s did exist in Formula One, but the marriage between the said layout and turbos was only brief, with Alfa Romeo’s 1983 effort being an example as good as any.

Speaking of the C8, once the artist whipped up the heavy aero C6 Z06, he also introduced a livery for it, with this being inspired by the C8.R GTLM racecars of the present.

And while we’re talking inspiration, the digital master mentions that the whole idea of mixing a machine like the Corvette and an F1 car came to him after enjoying the work of pixel veteran Walter Kim, which we’ve featured on multiple occasions.



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