Electric Porsche 911 Wears Taycan Front End, Looks Fat in Rostislav Rendering

Porsche is doing everything it can to stop the traditional sports car from going electric, including creating artificial fuel and offsetting its carbon. However, the Porsche Taycan could be the sweetest-handling EV on the planet, and it’s only natural to wonder what the 911 will be like if it eventually gets rid of the flat-six.

For some reason HotCars magazine is on a rampage, turning every iconic car into an EV with the help of some of the best-known rendering artists on the internet. This time, they’ve called upon the Czech Rostislav Prokop, who brought this melange of 911 and Taycan into this world.

They claim that the 911 wears the Taycan’s face better. However, if we’re honest, this isn’t Rostislav’s best work. One possible explanation is that the project’s creative process was rushed. On the other hand, it’s possible that this is what the artist envisions. EVs have their lower sections filled with batteries, which makes them taller, and more upright.

The Taycan-like headlights look out of place, and the front end doesn’t have the necessary air intakes. Yeah, EVs don’t need air for internal combustion, but it’s not like the vents in the front bumper of a 911 Turbo are there to feed the six-cylinder either.

But once you go past a certain point in terms of price, EV design doesn’t have as many restrictions. The Taycan rides super-low, as does the Audi e-tron GT. And don’t even get me started on the Rimac. Rostislav also imagined a soft-top convertible, and while this may eventually be offered, it’s not going to have the best lines.

Most of the other Porsche models had at least something in common with the 911 from a design perspective, usually the shape of the lights, the interior or the humps over the front wheels. Heck, the Panamera can, from some angles, look like a 4-door 911.

However, the Taycan changed all that, and you could argue it’s the new company flagship. Sales have been through the roof, despite this EV only claiming to have about 200 miles of range. And its shapes will undoubtedly influence other Porsche models.

The first example is probably going to be the all-electric Porsche Macan that’s going to be revealed soon. However, we also believe that the Cayman will go electric, and that’s sure to also resemble the Taycan. This was previewed by the Mission R concept, which also highlights what Porsche can do with EVs on the track.

HotCars says to expect a 911 EV in 2028 or later. However, it’s possible that Porsche will go hybrid first. And if every other Porsche model is plugged-in, one model can remain an ICE for longer.



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