Coyote V8-Swapped Ford Maverick Gets Digitally Slammed With Lincoln Truck Ambitions

When Ford introduced the Maverick compact truck last year, a few enthusiasts seemed worried about this name being detached from its 1970s compact RWD coupe origins. However, thanks to its affordability, capability, and eye-pleasing no-frills approach, the small truck has become one of the Blue Oval’s fastest-selling vehicles. Then again, many of the said assets also allow the Maverick to qualify as a brilliant starting point for a custom project. So how about a digitally-massaged Maverick with V8 motivation?

Frankly, with its Coyote V8 swap and its air suspension, this Ford Maverick looks like a taste of things to come. You see, with the pickup entering production last fall, this came a bit late for early November’s SEMA show—the event welcomed multiple custom examples, but they only featured minor mods. However, we expect the 2022 SEMA to be assaulted by hoards of fully tricked-out Mavericks.

For one, the Ford is enjoying a bit of a nostalgia wave, as quite a few enthusiasts are using it to revive the mini truck scene of the 1990s. In fact, we showcased such a build back in January this year, with that Maverick being slammed on 20-inch wheels and featuring a splash of color in the form of retro-inspired decals.

Having established the rising star reputation the Ford Maverick enjoys in the custom community, we can return to the thorough digital transformation of this example.

Coyote-powered, slammed to hell and back Maverick

Forget the hybrid powertrain of the base Maverick. This example, which comes from digital artist Abimelec Arellano (aka abimelecdesign), is the recipient of a good ole Coyote swap. Remember, we’re just one day away from the debut of the Gen 7 2024 Mustang (September 14), which will keep the V8 in place—so, while this would naturally feature a Coyote crate engine, we feel the inspiration came naturally.

The pixel master obviously pushes the said mini truck buttons for this virtual build. As such, the truck’s air suspension allows the chromed Rotiform WGR-M wheels to go deep into those fenders.

The shaved doors and tailgate, along with the custom front grille, bumpers, and bed cover allow the striking custom color to stand out even more—that would be Candy Lime Green with a smidge of Yellow flake.

The Lincoln pickup truck bits on this Maverick?

Come to think about the Blackwood truck that Lincoln made in the early 2000s, this is as far from the Maverick as possible, not just thanks to its expensive nature, but also regarding the negative impact the said pricing has on sales—in the US, this was built for 2002 only, while only getting one extra year in Mexico.

Nevertheless, the lavish dashboard and seats of the Lincoln Blackwood have somehow made it inside this Ford Maverick. Couple that with the firepower coming from the shaved engine bay and you’ll see why the world would look different from the cabin of this compact truck.



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