C3 Corvette Speedster Takes CGI Chevy Sports Car into Ferrari Exotic Territory

Slowly but surely, the rendering expert known as wb.artist20 is transitioning from maybe the best 2D creator into a 3D artist. This is his latest creation, the C3 Corvette Speedster, an obsession of his that he hopes will one day become reality.

The Corvette is obviously one of his favorite rendering subjects. I distinctly remember him doing a modern twist on the C3, a mid-engined C2, and retro reinterpretations of the groundbreaking new C8. Plus, he also imagined a Cadillac C8 Corvette, so transitioning into 3D renderings really was a necessity here. So is Oscar Vargas (his real name) right to call for a C3 Corvette Speedster?

Obviously, yes. The rendering speaks for itself. The C3’s body is long and sleek, with headlights skillfully tucked inside the bumper. It’s rock and roll on wheels, and once you reduce the size of the windshield, the lines begin to flow even better.

Oscar may be new to 3D work, but he skillfully added some new elements to the classic sports car’s body. It obviously sports a modern style of widebody kit, as well as humps over the tops of the seats. That’s something we normally associate with speedster design. And while Jaguar or Porsche spring to mind, I feel like these brands weren’t as exotic back in the day as Ferrari.

I’m not sure which is the first Ferrari speedster ever made, but it could be something like a 1949 Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta. The design came from the necessities of road-going race cars in that golden age. Of course, it evolved into style for the sake of style in today’s world.

Ferrari makes open F1 cars, while the race cars which are based on road-going models have enclosed cockpits. Meanwhile, the 812 Superfast-based Monza SP1 and SP2 and just toys for millionaire playboys. And they compete for money with similarly-designed cars like the McLaren Elva or the Aston Martin V12 Speedster. It’s basically a car genre, as extreme as buying actual concept cars.

It’s worth pointing out that Corvette Speedster models do exist. Callaway made two famous versions. One is a boxy shape, like the 1989 Corvette and the other is the 2007 Callaway C16 Corvette Speedster, which has Chrysler vibes about it. In addition, there’s the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport, a legend from the Fast Five installment of the FF saga.



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