2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Is the Dark Horse of Lifted S650 Off-Road Renderings

The official launch of the all-new Ford Mustang generation sparked a frenzy of activity from rendering artists. We got everything: sedans, wagons, Shelby GT500s, and more. However, there is one that everybody missed, an off-roader that combines the styling of the new Mustang and the hot F-150 Raptor R.

Now, this style of rendering isn’t exactly new. Over the past couple of years, all the popular muscle cars were imagined as lifted off-roaders. This is partly anchored in a reality where an old Firebird might be combined with a truck chassis. However, it’s mostly a fantasy of having silver body cladding and off-road tires installed on your favorite V8 hooning machine.

It’s not all fantasy, though. YouTuber Westen Champlin recently bought a Corvette that had been lifted on some beefy off-road tires. He says it’s a lot of fun to drive, so maybe there’s something good to be said about this rendering too.

Pixel perfectionist wb.artist20 didn’t want to lift any old muscle car; he started with a 3D model of the new 2024 Mustang, which is already the talk of the town. And instead of just doing a lift, he used the character of the Ford F-150 Raptor R. In case you’ve been living… nowhere near a rock, that’s the supercharged V8 monster that makes 700 horsepower and costs $110,000.

Everbody wants a Raptor R, but they’re impossible to get and for good reason. Ford never built anything like this before, and it directly competes against the RAM 1500 TRX. Then again, the Blue Oval already had an amazing engine it could borrow from the previous Mustang’s Shelby GT500.

It would be cool to have that 5.2-liter supercharged snake added back into the Mustang. Unfortunately, there’s no AWD option in the new S650, despite what the rumors said, but adding one for a cool SEMA build doesn’t sound impossible.

The 2024 Mustang doesn’t just get its digital 5.2-liter from the Raptor R, as a whole body kit has been transferred. You get a hood cowl with vents to cool the pony, a bold “FORD” font inside the main grille, aluminum plates, tow hooks, metal side skirts, and big tires. We don’t know exactly how big, but it’s probably around the same 33-inch size fitted to Westen’s Corvette. Bronco tires normally range from 30s to 35s, so maybe we can borrow some of those.

Mustang rally cars did exist over the years. And if you really want to go realistic with the idea, maybe there’s a way to put a 2024 Mustang body, a bespoke carbon one, on top of the Local Motors Rally Fighter. Although you’d have to shorten the chassis because the wheelbase is about 7 inches too long.



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