BMW META Race Truck Is a Digital Off-Road Runner for BMW M’s 50th Anniversary

If we’re talking SUVs with proper road performance, BMW has been prepared since 1999, when it put the first X5 into production. And with the company’s Motorsport Division, which is turning 50 this year, preparing to transform 2021’s 750 horsepower hybrid XM concept into its most powerful production car, the Germans’ high-riding future seems assured. What about off-roading, though? Since BMW has always left this area of motoring for third parties, this META independent digital concept comes to celebrate M’s 50th anniversary in rugged terrain fashion.

Over the years, BMW has shown interest in a wide variety of production and racing areas, albeit with activities like desert running or mud fighting being approached from alternative angles. In terms of official efforts, we’re referring to beasts like the E30 M3 rally car or the massive motorsport laurels gathered by BMW Motorrad—GS motorcycle Dakar Rally glory, anybody?

Then there are the unofficial efforts. For one, while BMW M was busy putting together the Nurburgring-taming, endurance racing V12-powered, carbon-clad X5 Le Mans back in 2000, the era also saw a member of the Quandt family, who is a key BMW stakeholder, founding the X-Raid motorsport team. From the BMW X5cc and X3cc Dakar rally racers and support cars to the still-competing MINI Dakar racers, the Steven Quandt-created team has provided the most notable off-road racing presences liked to the BMW name.

Another example, this time a road-going one, involves BMW’s 3.0-liter straight-six B58 gas and B57 diesel engines powering the Ineos Grenadier off-roader.

And now that we’re in the digital era, a rendering artist has set out to introduce an independent study that propels the M Division straight onto the off-road racing scene.

The BMW META pixel concept

Just like in the case of the original M1 of the late ’70s and the said upcoming XM production vehicle, we’re dealing with an effort envisioned as a pure M Division vehicle instead of a BMW that’s been further massaged by the go-faster arm of the automaker.

In fact, as automotive CGI artist Carlos Pecino Albornoz (aka colorsponge) explains on Instagram, seeking a real-life BMW model on which to base this desert runner didn’t seem to lead anywhere. And with this being one of the pixel industry’s pioneers, he decided to build the machine from scratch.

And the result is a terrain tamer that incorporates certain BMW treats, such as the kidney grilles—notice the medium size—and appears to expand the Germans’ design language in a way that has “trophy truck” written all over it.

Sporting the standard BMW logo and ///META branding, the proposal doubles down on the rugged appearance of its body with its exposed lower part. The latter not only allows us to take a peek at the kind of suspension you’d expect from a machine focused is to tackle dunes at high speed, but also showcases a pair of turbines up front.

This is the latest M.H.C. (Make Haste Corp) release

Those turbos eventually free the exhaust gasses via a set of badass side pipes that we’ll discuss twice today. That’s because the META has a brother, namely the Ford Raptor-R CGI concept that’s been simultaneously released by digital artist Ash Thorp. And they share the exhaust pieces!

It’s worth noting the two pixel masters have released these virtual builds under their M.H.C. digital label and we’ll include a link to the Raptor-R story as soon as we publish it.

Meanwhile, as you feast your eyes on the BMW META, make sure to zoom in on devilish details such as the super-sized BF Goodrich tires wrapped around minimalist wheels.



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