All-New 2024 Porsche Panamera Emerges as Accurate Rendering, Rumors Talk of Panamera EV

Spy shots in the past couple of months have revealed that Porsche is developing an all-new 2024 Panamera. Normally, that wouldn’t be surprising, but we’re living in the era of EVs and SUVs where this sleek luxury performance vehicle feels a little out of place.

Using the information gathered from said spy images, the website Kolesa was able to graft together images that realistically and accurately depict the 2024 Porsche Panamera. As you can see, this feels more like an evolution of the previous generation, but that’s no bad thing.

The general proportions are quite similar to the old Panamera, which in turn looks like a 4-door 911. Porsche’s iconic sports car has changed gradually over the past few generations, so it’s fitting that the sedan should do the same.

However, it’s pretty easy to spot what they’re changing. The front end has large, simple air intakes and a new headlight design, each containing four flat elements. This design is similar to other upcoming Porsche models, such as the Macan baby SUV, as well as the Mission R, which many believe previews the look of the Cayman/Boxster.

Speaking of which, the Macan will have both internal combustion engines available and a pure-EV version riding on the same platform as the Audi Q6 e-tron. Rumor has it that the Panamera will also play that trick.

A report from a few months back states that a Panamera EV may be under development. The British magazine Autocar says it will ride on the same Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) that underpins Porsche’s recently announced seven-seat SUV.

It’s expected that this model will slot above the Taycan, which is amazing as a performance vehicle, but not very practical. The original Panamera was introduced in 2009 as a five-door fastback, and although it was criticized initially one of the company bosses was tall and wanted a car where he could fit in the back. This is why 6’6 people fit inside this but not the Taycan.

Our source claims that the Panamera EV will be similar in proportions to the current Panamera “Executive” long-wheelbase model which is about 205 inches or 5.2 meters long. It will have 800V battery technology, which means it’s going to be rapid and quick to charge as well.

It’s expected all Porsches will have EV versions within a few years except for the 911, which is going hybrid. Of course, the model we’re previewing today is the normal one. So what engine will power that thing?

Well, Porsche needs Audi to share the development cost of the engines and platforms. The Ingolstadt brand has been dropping hints that the next-gen RS6 will be downsized to a V6, so you can expect a Panamera Turbo to have the same power it does today, but more of it coming from electric motors.



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