2025 BMW X3 G45 All-New Design Revealed in Accurate Rendering

The current generation of the BMW X3 was unveiled in the summer of 2017, which means it’s one of the oldest crossovers in this luxury segment. The Bavarian automaker is thus working on a replacement, the all-new 2025 BMW X3 wearing the internal codename G45.

As we approach the planned debut date, camouflaged G45 X3 prototypes have been spotted undergoing testing all over Europe and America, most notably at the Nurburgring track. BMW is gradually revealing more details about the design by stripping the camo, and today we bring you what we believe to be the first accurate representation.

The website Kolesa has compiled two renderings that basically reveal the 2025 BMW X3 G45. These are Photoshop images based on spy photos, which makes them way more accurate than the Midjourney AI-generated photos you might find online. We’ve also attached spy photos of the new X3, proving our point.

The new X3 will draw heavy inspiration from the design of the new X1 and X2, which have just been revealed. Down the side, the X3 will have a simpler, slab design with flush-fitting door handles. And at the front, the more angular design of the LED headlights is also reflected in the 5 Series.

Meanwhile, the rear of the new crossover will adopt narrower versions of the current LED taillights fitted to the X3 facelift. These have been compared to weapons from the Halo game series. The 2025 X3 will have a sloped roof and small rear glass, like the XM flagship, while the number plate is moved to the bottom of the car.

X3 M50: the X3 M40i replacement

Kolesa’s rendering has four exhaust tips, but they don’t belong to an X3 M. Instead, these renderings depict a brand new variant called the X3 M50, a direct replacement to the X3 M40i. BMW is dropping the “i” from the name of gasoline models for the sake of EVs, such as the iX3.

The jump in number doesn’t necessarily mean a huge power increase, as the M50i models were replaced by M60i ones with basically the same output. However, it does suggest that the X3 M50 could have 48V technology added to its B58 engine. Most other X3 variants will use 2.0-liter turbocharged engines including plug-in hybrids such as the new X3 40e plug-in hybrid.

There are no plans for an all-electric iX3. Instead, BMW is rumored to be developing a bespoke EV crossover that will take the place (and name) of the X4 in 2026.



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