2024 Volvo EX30: Everything We Know About the EX90’s Little Brother

During the recent launch event of the large EX90, Volvo also teased another electric vehicle that’s going to debut in 2023. It’s believed this will be called the EX30 and will target the highly competitive small SUV market, offering all the character and design of its big brother.

The car was not officially named, but Volvo’s CEO Jim Rowan spoke to Automotive News on the day of the EX90 launch. He said this is an entry-level electric vehicle that slots under the C40 Recharge. Given the new naming strategy at Volvo, it doesn’t make sense to call it a “C30 Recharge” because part of that name has been used and it just doesn’t sound like an SUV.

The CEO went on to describe this vehicle as a “city car aimed at a younger demographic who can subscribe to it and make it their first Volvo.” So it’s a gateway car, much like the BMW X1 or the Mercedes GLA have been. These are usually interesting and packed with features.

Nobody knows for sure what the EX30 will look like. All we have to go on is the dark teaser photo. However, Volvo’s apples usually don’t fall too far from the tree, so it really should look like its big brother, an upright piece of Scandinavian design.

Using what few details were present in the said teaser, the website Kolesa has generated a rendering of Volvo’s EX30. A short nose, stubby body, and great visibility will make this an excellent car for European cities.

Volvo’s new design language is evident here. No longer does the car require a front grille, while Thor’s hammers have been condensed into cyber headlight LEDs. It also keeps the clamshell hood and adopts trendy flush-fitting door handles.

We also have a few potential tech details. China is the largest and fastest-growing EV market in the world with 2.4 million electric vehicles sold there just in the first half of 2022. Volvo is owned by Geely and will thus have access to the Sustainable Experience Architecture for the EX30.

It’s a very flexible architecture that can accommodate Lotus’s high-performance EV, the Eletre. However, for the EX30, we expect more reasonable specs, such as an output of 130 to 200 hp and a battery pack with more than 60 kWh to match most small EVs from VW or Peugeot/Opel.

I remember driving the Volvo C30 many years ago and thinking “why don’t more people like this.” It didn’t have the edge of a MINI, but the turbo engine was fantastic, and the cabin was pretty interesting too. However, when it comes to small cars, Volvo really knocked it out of the park with the XC40, one of the few premium SUVs that didn’t try to be sporty.

Comfortable suspension, plenty of space, and again a great interior. What’s not to like? About the only thing I didn’t like about small Volvos was their appearance in Twilight.



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