2024 Porsche 911 (992.2) GT3 Touring Shows New-Age Fried Egg Headlights in 996-Inspired Artist Rendering

The production version of the 992.2 Porsche 911 is expected to land next year, as 2024 model in North America. So Porschephiles are eager to meet the mid-cycle revamp of the iconic sports car, especially since the 992.2 facelift is set to usher in new derivatives. Meanwhile, seeking fresh forms of the 911 means we can immerse ourselves in the work of digital artists, with the latest rendering of the sort portraying the GT3 Touring with fried egg headlights!

As we discussed when covering a recent 992.2 prototype sighting, body-wise the most important novelty that’s coming our way is the introduction of a lifted 911 Safari.

As for the tech side, the 911 facelift will get a certain form of electrification, even though the extent of the battery work remains unknown for now. In addition, the 911 could follow the example of the 718 mid-engined sports car and adopt a detuned iteration of the naturally-aspirated 4.0L boxer powering the GT3 and GT3 RS outside the GT range.

In terms of styling, the six decades of Neunelfer tradition have taught us not to expect any major visual updates. Nevertheless, digital artist Nicolas Proulx (aka fmpnick) wants to take us on a modern classic ride in his latest rendering.

The pixel master’s 2D work portrays a 911 GT3 Touring sporting fried egg headlights, a trait of the 996 generation built between 1997 and 2006. And it only took one small step for our 992.2-thirsty minds to imagine such an edition for the facelifted model.

The said era also saw Porsche using the unconventional front light cluster design for the original Boxster, as well as for the first Cayenne. However, with this splitting opionions (to say the least), the carmaker gave up on the styling feature, with the Neunelfer returning to its traditional rounded headlights—here you can see a mix between the two.

The GT3 with the Touring Package (shaved fixed wing and more) arguably makes for the cleanest, most retro-oriented 992 model, so using this as a base is only natural.

Would a modern-day Porsche fried egg headlight be possible?

Sure, it would appear like an odd move for Porsche to revive such a controversial styling feature. But with electrification slowly, but steadily taking over, and Porsche constantly expanding both its diving into the Neunelfer DNA with limited editions and its personalization program via Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, who’s to say we couldn’t get a fried egg revival, perhaps as a study?

After all, the 996 was a pivotal model, introducing the first generation of water-cooled engines to the 911 lineage and marking the birth of the GT3. However, if fried egg headlights are not your thing, perhaps you’d like to see the tables being switched—we’re referring to the rounded headlights 996 GT3 in this 3D rendering, which borrows a plethora of 992 elements for one’s viewing pleasure.



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