2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124 Is an Electric Restomod Dream

With Mercedes-Benz preparing to introduce the next generation of the E-Class next year, as a 2024 model, there’s a question we want to answer. What if the carmaker would double down on its effort by also releasing a modern-day version of the first E-Class, which would have to be powered by batteries? Enter the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W124, an EV restomod that comes from rendering artist Marouane Bembli (aka The Sketch Monkey).

If you spend a reasonable amount of time on the Internet’s automotive side, you may already be familiar with this artist’s work, as he handles modernized iterations of iconic machines extremely well (don’t you think so?). And, for his latest rendering, the enthusiast decided to update the original E-Class.

The starting point for this 2D adventure is the Mercedes E 500 of 1993. This is the exact model shown in the photo used by the pixel master, with the 1993 revamp of the W124 mid-size Merc introducing the E-Class nameplate along with minor visual changes. For the record, The Sketch Monkey mentions 1991, the original year of the Porsche-assembled V8 special we have here, but that pre-facelift model has a slightly different grille and doesn’t use the E-Class designation, being labeled as a 500 E instead.

Regardless, with the styling of the 2024 W214 E-Class still being the topic of spyshots and renderings based on them at this point, the artist used the design of the outgoing W213 model, AMG goodies and all—back in the days of the original, AMG wasn’t the Mercedes-Benz pillar it is today, hence the said Porsche collaboration for the sports sedan.

With the proportions of modern cars having changed visibly since the 1990s, a complete redesign of the W124 E-Class also needs to involve a chopped greenhouse (going the other way would’ve turned the W124 into an SUV). And we can say the same about the stance, which is why this Merc is so low to the ground, while riding on larger wheels.

Nevertheless, perhaps the part that’s most likely to pull at one’s heartstrings comes at the end of the video. That’s where the aficionado expresses his wish for carmakers to bring back old designs, even if they come back as EVs.

Does any carmaker offer an electric version of a classic model?

While full electrification is one of the most feasible ways for automakers to justify such revivals, some enthusiasts might still wish to stick to the good old rumble of a performance combustion engine.

Regardless, multiple carmakers have already revived some of their iconic models as concepts or one-off demo cars powered by batteries, with the most recent example involving the Renault R5 Turbo 3E drift car. Then again, if you’re looking for something you can actually buy (again, from an automaker, not a third party), the Jaguar E-Type Zero might just be your best bet.



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