2024 BMW 5 Series G60 Shows Pinched Headlights, Conventional Grille in Prototype-Based Rendering

We’ve all seen the memes related to BMW designs, as the number of models inspiring these giggle-inducing stunts seems to be on the rise. So, will the upcoming 2024 BMW 5 Series (codenamed G60) provide fuel for the humorous side of the internet? We try to answer this with a rendering based on the numerous prototype sightings.

The current G30 5 Series entered production in 2017, while receiving a mid-cycle facelift (Life Cycle Impulse in Bimmer talk) in 2020. As such, its G60 successor has been confirmed to arrive in 2023, as a 2024 model.

Sure, there are many nostalgics online, who would love to see BMW returning to its traditional, dynamic-focused styling. However, designers have to look into the future when penning the model. For one, while Mercedes-Benz uses different platforms for the S-Class and battery-powered EQS, BMW employs a common architecture for its ICE and EV models and the latter naturally demand the said styling approach.

This rendering’s accuracy comes from its prototype inspiration

The digital artist known as SRK Designs has integrated visual hints delivered by spied test cars into this rendering and we’ll go over the main points below—such a prototype also awaits you in the second clip below.

In other words, the 2024 BMW 5 Series will be offered alongside the i5 electric model, with the two expected to debut simultaneously. Even so, spied test vehicles have revealed headlights with a pinched design, which Mihnea sees as a nod to the venerable E60 5 Series (ah, the era of the V10 M5 from the mid-2000s).

Note that while the front light clusters of the spied prototypes were not the final units, these did feature the same overall shape as the production ones, so we can trust that the next 5er will steer clear of the split headlights of the 2023 7 Series.

Another important element showcased by the test vehicles involves the conventional kidney grille. As such, the 2025 5 Series will not feature super-sized units like those of so many new-age BMWs, such as the upcoming 2023 XM.

The first M5 hybrid and rumors about an M5 Touring (wagon) revival

Speaking of the gas-electric super-SUV (probably a plug-in hybrid), which you can check out in this rendering based on leaked patent photos, this will lend its monstrous powertrain to the next M5. We’re looking at a massaged version of the Motorsport division’s twin-turbo 4.4L V8 plus an electric motor, with the total output sitting at around 750 hp.

However, as is the case with the current car, the next 5 Series will also get a plug-in hybrid version focused on efficiency, while internal combustion engines will continue to benefit from 48-volt mild-hybrid hardware.

As for the interior, the Bavarian automaker has constantly upped the ante in this department. So, for the G60 5 Series, you can expect a pair of massive screens to dominate the landscape, all in support of the iDrive 8 infotainment system.

Wagons may not be popular in America, but they still have a certain fan base in Europe. And that’s why this body style is expected to remain in place, while the release of the M3 Touring has fueled the rumors about the return of the M5 Touring, which would be another throwback to the E61 era.



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