2023 Honda Civic Type R Gets Near-Instant Widebody Digital Makeover

The 2023 Civic Type R is finally here, and Honda says it’s the most powerful Type R ever! We don’t know how much power it’s making, but it’s got to be faster than before, and people already love it. So much so that you can already tune this unreleased hot hatch… in the digital world.

Now, the previous Type R was already one of the wildest-looking affordable cars ever made, with a body kit designed by the Romulans and more fake vents than we could count. Even so, many felt the need to further customize this mighty Civic, a trend that looks likely to continue.

It didn’t take very long for the 3D models of the 2023 Civic Type R to appear and using those, artist Hugo Silva Designs has put together two custom versions for hot hatch buyers to consider.

Widebody: the wider the better?

The styling of the new Type R is more conservative, almost like it’s been inspired by the Golf R or the larger Accord. This reflects in the way this widebody kit has been 3D-grafted onto the body of the FL5 generation.

The kit itself is in the Pandem style but molded to the body instead of a bolt-on design. Given the simplicity of this look, it very much echoes the classic era of VTEC Honda race cars. But, since the EK9 was such a tiny little thing compared to the 2023 generation, it’s more like a throwback to Accords racing in the touring car series.

The fenders bulge out in simple geometric ways, but the Type R also receives digital skirts and spoilers. At the front, the bumper is decorated in small wings, while the rear sports a carbon fiber diffuser. Of course, you can’t do widebody without slammed suspension and wider tires. But shockingly, the wing has been left stock.

Mugen wheels?

Hugo also rendered a simpler 2023 Civic Type R makeover with just the suspension and custom wheels, which so many owners will target. At first glance, this looks like a Volk Racing RE37 design, but it’s actually the Mugen GP wheel specific to older versions of the Type R.

Honda will undoubtedly have a Mugen partnership with such parts offered on this car, especially in Japan. With the last generation, Mugen even made a bespoke front bumper that completely changed the way the car looked… for the worse.



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