2023 Ford Everest Accurately Rendered as Ranger-Based Body-on-Frame SUV

The Ford Bronco may be based on similar tech to the Ranger pickup, but it doesn’t have a monopoly there. Australia doesn’t care about your bucking off-road broncos because they have their own SUV. No, it’s not called the Ford Kangaroo, though that would be pretty funny. Meet the 2023 Ford Everest.

To be more accurate, this isn’t the actual Everest, but a rendering created by the Russian website Kolesa. However, it’s based on the teaser photos Ford recently released and we believe it’s very accurate. Unlike the Bronco, the Everest is designed a bit cheaper, so don’t be surprised by its resemblance to the pickup.

Australian customers might be pretty hyped about this because the new 2022 Ranger that it’s based on comes with a longer wheelbase, wider body, and SYNC4 system featuring a large portrait screen, similar to the Mach-E. It’s ginormous!

The Ranger made its return to North America for the 2019 model year. Production started in October of 2018. However, it’s actually based on the global compact truck which has been on sale in Australia for ten years. And it’s not like the model felt particularly new back in 2011 either.

To Australia and beyond

For these 2023 models, the tech is actually similar, as the revised platform dubbed T6.2 was adapted from the old one. However, in case of the 2022 Ranger pickup, the wheelbase has grown by about 50mm or 2 inches. Also, new manufacturing tech has allowed engineers to fit a V6 diesel engine for the first time. power numbers haven’t been released, but the 3.0-liter Power Stroke Ford makes for the F-150 offers up 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque.

Ford will also offer the Ranger a 2.0-liter diesel, optionally available with two turbochargers. The European Ranger Raptor had one of those, packing around 210 hp. As for the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, this will also be included, and we expect all these powertrains to be available in the 2023 Ford Everest as well. As for gearboxes, the pickup offers a 6-speed manual and a 10-speed automatic for the more powerful setups.

America probably won’t get to buy the Everest, especially since the Bronco twins do the same job. But the new 2023 SUV model will b presented during the first quarter of 2022 and go on sale in markets ranging from South Asia to China and Africa.



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