2023 BMW X7 M60i Widebody “Big Boy” Looks Like a Hollywood-Tuned Drift SUV

The 2023 BMW X7 has just come out with a brand new look and plenty of updates. This was already an attention-grabbing large SUV, but the split headlights take it from rich mom-mobile to celebrity 3-row muscle SUV, with a little help from the M60i powertrain and factory-fitted packages.

The M60i has been a rumor in the BMW universe for several years. Originally, this was supposed to have the same V12 you found in the M760Li, but the Bavarians are done with that displacement and have extracted extra power from the familiar 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8.

The X7 M60i now sits at the top of the lineup and is the only model to wear the M badge, even though it’s not a true M model. At 523 horsepower, this motor struggles to compete with the AMG and Maybach versions of the GLS-Class, which are its main rivals. But, of course, it’s got the cool looks going on.

After the 2023 updates, the X7 has become one of the most aggressively designed German SUVs on sale right now. Its massive black grille and large intakes make the front end quite similar to the X5 M and you find yourself staring into four headlights with modern signatures.

Thanks to the rise of digital tuning, we get to see projects that would be unlikely to happen in the real world. A great example is this 2023 BMW X7 M60i widebody by the rendering artist Mikhail Sachko. It’s obviously not real, and the stance makes this look impossible, but we assure you that aired-out builds with this look are often built in America, based on Cadillacs or other popular 4x4s.

If Kim K was into BMWs

I feel like this rendering has that spirit, like a big block racing Escalade or Trackhawk making at least 1000 horsepower. The wheels sell it. But then again, the widebody kit is from the realm of the Lamborghini Urus. You often see wild carbon fiber packages on celebrity-owned super-SUVs, which visit RDB LA or other Hollywood shops for their extreme mods.

The big wheels seem like a natural move. The X7 M60i comes standard with 21-inch wheels, but you can option 23-inch ones, the biggest ever fitted by BMW. After it’s been aired out on massive tires, this slammed BMW X7 goes even lower to the ground with the help of a chin spoiler.

Both the bumper and the front fenders flair out to engulf the extra rubber., while the rear widebody has to wrap around the rear doors, leaving room for the door handles. Nothing that special is going on at the back, but I did spot a subtle diffuser and trunk spoiler.

If the X7 M60i ever drag racing or drifting, the physics are going to be out of this world. This behemoth has a curb weight of almost 5,500 lbs, which is a lot of work for the 523 horsepower engine. But the 4.4-liter has a lot of potential, as tuners have extracted 900 horsepower out of the M5 and M8 without changing the internals.



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