1971 Plymouth Cuda “Malicious” Parades Tube Widebody in Digital Form

If you’re going to pixel-chop a Mopar, why not aim straight for the top and work on a 1971 Plymouth Cuda, which many enthusiasts regard as the Holy Grail of classic HEMIs (this was the final year for the iconic 426ci/7.0L V8 on street cars)?

Given the iconic status of the E-body coupe, one might wish to digitally slash an (arguably) less revered incarnation of the Barracuda, such as, say, the Gen II built for 1967-1969. But since digital artist Dom Host (aka altered_intent) had already fiddled with such a muscle monster, he stuck with the ’71 Cuda mentioned in the intro and decided to rework the machine down to the bone.

As such, the vehicle now sports a tubular chassis, but you don’t have to open a door or get too close to the car to notice this. That’s because the customizer, whose real-life builds include stuff like a chopped Ford Edsel nicknamed 2JZED—it’s just what you think it is—merged the tubes into the widebody panels that adorn the Cuda.

The line between classic muscle road and race cars seems to be getting thinner these days and we believe this digital project contributes to the trend. As such, the way in which the tubes define the new front fascia and merge with the redefined body, along with those low-mounted front lights, means we’re not sure if this is a motorsport tool or a street hustler.

Sure, the microscopic ground clearance and the branded competition tires might tip the balance towards the track, but what if this thin packs air suspension and somebody decides to swap the tires? That could easily allow the Cuda, which is nicknamed “Malicious” for obvious reasons, to roam the streets and antagonize traditionalists with its “tube wickerbill” and its larger-than-life diffuser.

I have an undying love for anything tube chassis… they always stand out and speak to me when you see how simple or complex you can make the structure look!” the enthusiast explains on Instagram.

The icing on this Mopar cake? Well, we’ve only assumed there’s a HEMI under that air-grabbing hood (pun very much intended), but we can be sure of the fender-bending side exhaust, which takes the tube theme one step further.



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