1956 Ford F-100 Six-Wheeler Digitally Hauls Shelby-Grade Fox Body Mustang

Building a truck to haul your racecar is nothing new—automotive producers and independent enthusiasts have done it for decades. And now that the metaverse is upon us, we can take a look at how such a pair of machines presents itself in the virtual realm. This one is an all-Ford effort, with a second-generation F-100 having gained an axle to haul a Fox Body ‘Stang.

After half of century of the Ford F-Series trucks packing the same three-figure nomenclature that still adorns showrooms nowadays, we might take this for granted. However, we’ll remind you that the naming scheme was introduced by the second generation of the track in the mid-1950s (the late-1940s original packed a single digit, with names such as the F-1).

In our times, when the Gen IV platform has marked the debut of the all-electric F-150 Lightning, it’s only natural for these second-iteration pickups to be revered and they hardly get more special than the 1956 model, which serves as a reminder of a more romantic era of car production, one that saw companies introducing single-year facelifts.

You can instantly recognize a ’56 F-100 thanks to its wraparound windshield and upright pillars, even when the machine has been given an all-out six-wheeler conversion as is the case with this rendering—hey, the virtual build even features the optional wraparound rear window offered for the said model year.

If you somehow ignore the wheels (their deep-dish custom look and the extra pair), the appearance of the truck has been left mostly stock. The classic silhouette is further accentuated by the extremely low stance, which was possible thanks to air suspension—there are massive, chrome-finished air tanks sitting below the newly installed platform of the hauler.

The cargo? Oh, it’s just the Shelby-massaged third-gen Mustang that never existed

Given the Shelby-marked youth of the Mustang (the GT350 and GT500 were revolutionary back in the 1960s) and the fact that these two names feel inseparable nowadays, one might expect their relationship to have remained this way over the decades. However, that’s not what happened. For one, Shelby and Ford had separate ways in the 1980s, which means there’s no such thing as a Shelby-augmented Fox Body Mustang.

Well, as the badges on the front fenders of this pony show, it packs some Shelby might. Now, digital artist Kalim Oozeear (aka kalim_gh), who is responsible for the work, doesn’t take us under the hood, but we’re already imagining a supercharged V8 under that monstrous quick-release hood.

Speaking of which, the ‘Stang has received a dedicated set of renderings, so you can get up close and personal with the Blue Oval toy.

Once again, the vast majority of the hatchback model’s factory design traits are still here. So, the devil is in the details with this one and while the custom frame protecting the contents of the engine bay makes us think of a drift car, the steelies, with their fat-sidewal slick tires, look like they’ve been pulled off a stock car.

Regardless, the roll cage inside this Fox Body Shelby Mustang once again proves the racecar is ready for some hooning. However, we must keep a cool head, as the time has come to talk about the RPM (real project in the making) Potential of the project.

Sure, talking about a duo decreased the chances of a high number, but if we take each build individually, we’d give the Mustang an 8/10 (the temptation to fill in that Shelby hap is high) and the F-100 a 4/10, since we wouldn’t expect somebody to put together such a contraption without adding extra custom elements—for one, six-wheeler builds based on classic trucks are radical these days.



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