WhistlinDiesel’s Ferrari Video Got Demonetized by YouTube, He’s Starting an OnlyFans to Support the Channel

We knew the Ferrari video was going to be big, but not this big. A day ago, the YouTube car personality that is WhistlinDiesel finally released footage of him subjecting his new Italian supercar, the bright red F8, to all kinds of durability testing.

This includes but is not limited to doing donuts on gravel, taking it off-road, pressure-washing the delicate paint, and throwing all kinds of things at the car. The video quickly reached the No.1 spot on YouTube trending, which means that everybody wanted to see a Ferrari getting intentionally damaged.

The video has already racked up nearly 2 million views, which means WD is well on his way to recuperating his Ferrari investment. Right? Well, actually, no. Somebody is throwing spanners in the works because the video quickly got demonetized.

Just a few hours after the “I bought a $400,000 Ferrari just to destroy it” got posted on YouTube, WhistlinDiesel updated his Instagram fans about a delicate situation. “You know a video is good when it gets demonetized within a few hours. The funny part is, they still don’t tell me why a video gets demonetized. I just have to figure out what offended someone myself. Which is the entire video probably,” he jokingly commented.

Over the years many YouTubers have been angered by the platform’s lack of transparency, the way it basically messes with people’s livelihoods. And it’s not like WhistlinDiesel doesn’t know the rules. Only recently, he removed some of his older content just to be sure his channel doesn’t get into trouble.

The clip doesn’t appear to use profane language, and while there’s some violence involved, it’s all directed at the car. Cody was also careful not to recklessly driver on public roads; all the important shenanigans are taking place on his private property.

WhistlinDiesel is huge, and he’s starting an OnlyFans

To solve the demonetization issue, WhistlinDiesel took down the video (made it Private), made some changes, and placed it back online. So it’s amazing that it still reached the No.1 spot on YouTube because demonetized videos stop being recommended by the algorithm.

This basically proves WD has an amazing following. As a side note, this is really bad for the Ferrari brand because everybody will now know the brand “is notorious for suing their customers.” We wouldn’t be surprised if they were behind the demonetization, since attacking the YouTuber openly might have affected their image in a negative way.

The owner claims this Ferrari F8, which is a used 2020 model, is worth $400,000. And while it’s undoubtedly a shame for it to be destroyed, we think Cody Detwiler is well within his rights to do as he pleases with his property. This is a used car, so he didn’t sign any agreement with Ferrari, and he was already (shadow) banned from buying their cars.

What’s more, the F8 isn’t a rare exotic. Despite the pandemic, Ferrari has been selling more supercars than ever, and we suspect total sales of this masterpiece are now around 5000 units. It’s not like when Kim Kardashian altered Alexander McQueen’s “Oyster” or Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

So what’s next for the biggest car YouTuber? Well, that’s the funny part of the story. In one of his Instagram stories, Cody posted the OnlyFans logo and said “You’re going to be able to watch demonetized videos soon. Standby.”

We’re 100% sure he is not kidding and has already begun the process of opening an account. Several other YouTubers have used this platform to support their work, and we’re not talking about content for adults. No, OnlyFans is very stable, works well and money transfers are the most reliable of any website of this type. Furthermore, OnlyFans would love somebody like WhistlinDiesel; it’s what their investors have been demanding for many years: content that won’t get you banned by banks and credit card companies.



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