Volkswagen ID.3 GTX Electric Hot Hatch Coming in 2024 With at Least 286 German Horsepower

In 2019, Volkswagen introduced the ID.3, its first purpose-built electric car that was supposed to replace the Golf. However, because of parts shortages, software problems and sub-standard interior quality, the ID.3 didn’t become an overnight success. Many argued that no Golf replacement could exist without the hot GTI version, and it seems one is finally coming, the ID.3 GTX.

The idea of the ID.3 GTX existed since the launch of the car. In 2021, VW already had the bigger ID.4 GTX. However, the all-electric hot hatch may finally arrive next year.

The German magazine Auto Bild claims the ID.3 GTX will debut in 2024 with a more aggressive design and upgraded power compared to the standard models, which top out at 204 hp. However, they don’t know the exact details yet.

The original rumors about the GTX suggested it would have 299 HP, the same as the bigger ID.4 models. This is a dual-motor setup, which isn’t offered on the regular ID.3, even though it’s supported by the platform. However, Auto Bild suggests another possibility: a single, more powerful e-motor at the rear, making 286 HP.

We think both versions are plausible. The ID.4 GTX might be bumped up to 340 HP this year, like the Skoda Enyaq RS, leaving room in the range for the hot hatch. On the other hand, the ID.3 is related to the Cupra Born hot hatch, and that only has one motor at the back, making 231 HP.

Whichever motor setup they decide on, the car will come with the bigger battery option, which is a bit heavier, but has a unable capacity of 77 kWh (82 kWh in total). And with a 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint time of around 6 seconds, the GTX will rival the GTI in some ways. Of course, it won’t deliver the same engagement or top speed, being limited to 111.85 mph (180 km/h).

Other upgrades will include sportier bumper and wheel designs, aero elements, and a revised interior with sporty touches. We may also see touches of carbon fiber on the GTX. Hopefully, they also upgrade the brakes, as MEB cars are among the few sold right now with drums at the back.

But all this will come at a premium, as the ID.3 GTX will reportedly start from 55,000 euros in Germany. At that kind of price, the car will mainly attract Volkswagen enthusiasts because there’s better value in regular EVs from rivals such as Kia or Tesla.

Think the Volkswagen Golf GTI was the first hot hatch? Well, you’d be wrong. The GTI made its debut in 1976. The honor of being the first could belong to the Autobianchi A112 Abarth, introduced in September 1971.

Ironically, the ID.3 GTX wouldn’t be the first electric hot hatch either because there’s a fruity new Abarth 500e on the market right now. There’s also the Cupra Born we talked about, which came out in 2021, and MINI makes electric hatchbacks too.



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