This V12 Ferrari Roma with a Longer Hood Is Not What You Think

The Ferrari Roma is so much more than the entry-level, fixed-roof Prancing Horse. For one, the styling of the GT, which follows Maranello’s La Nuova Dolce Vita philosophy, is so appealing that many people prefer this over Fezzas sitting higher in the range. So, nobody could hold anything against you for wishing that this V12-powered Roma prototype would lead to a production model—we’d be on the same page. Alas, this isn’t likely, but we wouldn’t frown just yet, since this is probably a test mule for the 812 Superfast replacement.

Sure, both Aston Martin and Bentley offer their GTs with engine ranges comprising of V8s and V12, but this is not Maranello’s way. So, as mentioned above, this Roma, whose soundtrack seems to indicate the presence of four extra cylinders (the showroom model comes with a twin-turbo V8) and even appears to pack an elongated front section, is most likely the automaker’s next-gen front-engined V12 model.

In this age of accelerated emission reduction, Ferrari plans to keep its iconic twelve-cylinders around by throwing electric assistance into the mix and keeping the party naturally aspirated rather than going twin-turbo as it has done with its V8s. Sure, the TT approach brings a more explosive output, but no such engine can match the soundtrack and linear power delivery of an atmospheric engine.

And while the hybridized V12 is rumored to become the range-topping option of the Purosangue SUV expected to debut later this year as a 2023 model, the company’s future front-engined GT is naturally a more hardcore packaging for the motor.

Ferrari stopped taking orders for the 812 Superfast back in February and given that the model is based on the F12berlinetta produced between 2012 and 2017, this didn’t come as a surprise. You can still configure the 812GTS open-top model, as well as the 812 Competizione and Competizione A (open-air) hardcore iterations, but the family is obviously due for replacement.

The V12 Roma prototype is a bit of a ballerina

This V12 Roma prototype was spotted on the street, as well as on the automaker’s Fiorano test track—lens tip to YouTuber Varyx. Speaking of the circuit time, we can clearly see the Ferrari test driver pushing the dynamic limits of the vehicle with nice, controlled slides.

As for the soundtrack of the prototype, this might not appear quite as exciting as you’d expect from a Ferrari V12, but there are multiple aspects we need to take into account.

For starters, the final version might be a bit more muffled than expected due to emission reduction hardware such OPF (Otto Particulate Filter). Then again, this prototype could simply be using a milder exhaust setup during the said testing session, which wouldn’t even require hardware changes, with a mere flick of a switch being enough to silence the motor.

And while Maranello has yet to confirm an 812 successor, there are tons of reports talking about the F167-codenamed project being scheduled for a late 2023 debut (2024MY).



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