New BMW M5 G90 Reveals Rear End With Split Diffuser in Leaked Photo

With the G60 BMW 5 Series having debuted earlier this year, we can hardly say this leaked photo, which fully reveals the rear end of the upcoming G90 BMW M5 plug-in hybrid, comes as a surprise.

While spied prototypes of the 2024/2025 G90 BMW M5 have showcased the first-ever plug-in hybrid M5 in its final development stages, this image allows us to check out the posterior in showroom form.

Building on the styling cues of the G60, the G90 M5’s rear end is dominated by a split diffuser, a detail that wasn’t visible in the spyshots, so not even rendering artists trying to pixel-build the new M5 ahead of scheduled managed to guess this.

The center fins of the diffuser protrude a lot, making the design uber-aggressive and, as we’ve come to expect from recent BMWs, even the Ms, polarizing. These fins flank an F1-style light placed on a colored section of the bumper.

The overly angular design of the G90 M5’s rear bumper set this apart from the regular G60 5er more than any previous generation did, with the vertical reflectors on the side reminding us of other contemporary Bavarian top dogs like the M2.

The signature quadruple tailpipes of the G90 M5 may seem small in this image, but this is probably due to the angle and the gargatuan size of the bumper openings around them.

The discreet boot lid lip spoiler completments the rest of the setup, while we can also catch a glimpse of the spectacular, multi-spoke rear wheel design.

While the headlights of the G60 harken back to the E60 of two decades ago, the styling of the new light clusters has fans wondering about the kind of look the G90 M5’s front bumper will adopt. Regardless, while previous M5’s came with kidney grilles featuring vertical slats, recent models like the M2, X5 M, X6 M, and XM prove that the G90 M5 will use horizontal bars.

The new M5 will also sport carbon bits like the roof and the mirror caps, but we’ll have to wait for more photos before we lay our eyes on these. As with many other modern BMWs, especially M models, pictures don’t do these vehicles justice, so it’s best to wait before you see one in real life before passing judgement on the design.

The G90 M5’s PHEV powertrain will deliver over 700 hp to all four wheels

BMW has already confirmed that the new M5 will receive the plug-in hybrid 4.4L V8 setup of the BMW XM and this will peak with the monstrous 738 hp and 738 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) output of the XM Red Label.

The PHEV, AWD setup of the G90 M5 means this will be heavier than the outgoing M5 Competition, which, at 1,895 kg (4,177 lbs) isn’t exactly featherweight. So you can expect the new M5 to weight more than 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs).

G90 BMW M5 price and production debut

So far, most sources point out to the G90 BMW M5 being scheduled to enter production in mid-2024 and thus arriving in the US for the 2025 model year. However, this leaked photo could mean that the G90 M5 will start rolling off the production line sooner, perhaps even by the end of 2023, which would involve a 2024 model year presence in North America.

And with all the technology injected into the model, the G90 BMW M5 is expected to have a starting price of around $125,000.

As BMW has done with the M3 Touring, the carmaker is giving the new M5 a wagon version. The G99 M5 Touring will take on the Audi RS6 and Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate starting next year.

Leaked image via Germany’s Finest on Instragram; Spyshots via DrGumoLunatic on YouTube



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