Mid-Engined Hoonigan Camaro Z/28 Puts 1,000 HP ZZ632 Big Block Under Glass in Carbon CGI

As some of you have probably noticed, third-gen Chevy Camaros seem to be trending right now. And one of the builds that stay on top of the wave is the Hoonigan Z28, which has been completed together with Chevrolet and features the carmaker’s monstrous ZZ632 10.4-liter Big Block crate engine, which delivers 1,000 HP naturally aspirated horsepower. Well, it appears that the digital community wanted to take the project one step further, as this independent-artist 3D version showcases it in mid-engined form.

From a distance, the 1988 Camaro that Hoonigan debuted last November at SEMA could seem like a standard model with an American-sized V8 in its nose. However, the project is considerably more complex than that, as, for instance, it packs a completely reengineered rear suspension that replaces the stock torque arm of the live axle with a four-link approach.

In fact, we covered the build in detail back in February, when the machine went one stage past the work-in-progress SEMA status and did its first donuts.

At the time, Hoonigan, who had penned the widebody with Chevrolet Design and turned to Street Fighter LA for 3D printing the kit, was working to turn the hardware into a carbon fiber piece which may also be sold to enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the team has shown progress on some of their other wacky builds, such as the Hellcat-wielding Rolls-Royce Slay Poupon or the Paul Walker tribute that is the 2JZ-animated Ford F-150 Frightening, but there’s been nothing new on the ‘Maro, which is where this independent rendering comes into play.

There’s no mistaking this virtual Camaro for a simple project

The 632 ci N/A crate motor, in all its $38,000 glory, now sits below the rear glass, taking full advantage of the fact that the third-gen Camaro was the first to come in hatchback form.

Besides, in some of the renderings, the car is shown in full carbon form, with the wonder material featuring a clear coat, so we can fully enjoy its texture.

There’s also a red approach, which stays true to that of the original project, albeit without the livery of the latter, which, as mentioned in the article linked above, has its own story to tell.

Interestingly, the diffuser of the real-world project has been replaced with what appears to be a DIY mod, namely a series of vents and a dual exhaust setup integrated into the rear bumper.

Then again, if we consider the fact that this entire project is an experiment, that detail shouldn’t surprise us. You see, we’re looking at pixel master Oscar Vargas’s first foray into the 3D realm. The digital wizard, who is also known as wb.artist20, has treated us to some of the most impressive 2D transformations on social media and we’re glad to see him making extra steps.

This is my first 3D render and though I have a long way to go in learning it’s extremely rewarding and this one was decent enough to present,” the artist explains on Instagram.



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