Mat Watson’s Mom Freaked Out by Her Tesla’s Features, Does Something Illegal

The main Carwow YouTube channel has just released a video on how Mat Watson’s mom is getting along with her brand new Tesla Model 3. It should sit right at the border between YouTube cringe and wholesome family content, but it’s actually not bad, considering you get insight into how an older person who isn’t into tech might feel about Teslas.

For the record, Mat Watson‘s mom decided herself that she wanted to have a Tesla Model 3. They drove a whole bunch of EVs back-to-back, and it came down to this, the Volkswagen ID.3 and a Peugeot. It was a coin-flip decision between the cheap VW and a Tesla.

Six months ago, Sally received her brand new Tesla, a powerful, well-equipped luxury electric car. However, she also held onto her older ICE hatchback family car, apparently due to range anxiety.

Mat decided to once again include his mom in the popular Carwow channel’s loop. And to do that, he decided mother Sally would have to do a bunch of things she never tried in her Tesla, including going to a supercharger station. The journey includes a small section of highway, which Mat uses to show his mom how the advanced cruise control system works. She’s shocked, not only by how it works but also by learning to engage its functions. She’s the exact opposite of the famous Tesla drivers in America who think it’s okay to watch movies or sleep with Autopilot on.

Sally is mesmerized by how her Model 3 can change lanes and come off the highway by itself. And even though they set the location of the Supercharger on the navigation system, she misses the entry. And so Mat has the idea of going into the truck parking lot next door and driving over the curb separating the areas.

While the car is charging, the duo checks out another famous Tesla featureā€¦ fart sounds. And it wouldn’t be propper YouTube mass-market content without something childish like pretending to run over somebody. The car has a summon feature that lets you drive it out of a parking bay, but it’s very slow. Mat’s career of drag racing everything under the sun was perfectly safe.

At the end of the video, Sally decides that she wants to be a full EV convert and sells the hatchback she was driving before. The money is going towards eye surgery. Nothing better than HD graphics in real life.



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