Hoovies Buys Cheapest Maserati SUV, the “Metherati” Smells of Drugs and Wasn’t Serviced

While most YouTubers make you want to go out and buy that old rust bucket you’ve always wanted, there’s a channel that does the opposite. Hoovies Garage just bought the cheapest Maserati Levante SUV in United States and it’s so bad that it makes you say “boy, I’m glad I didn’t do that.”

The Levante is the first Maserati SUV in the history of the brand. And being a member of the Chrysler family, it has plenty of mechanical issues and quirks. However, the real issue here is with how the previous owners treated it.

The SUV is a 2019 model, and while some might treat this as a $90,000 luxury vehicle, the people who bought it treated the Maserati like a disposable tissue. It’s been driven nonstop yet its last oil change was about 60,000 miles ago.

Given the mechanical problems that might bring about, Tyler Hoover is over at the “Wizard’s shop” where they do special treatment. The engine is given a couple of cans of a particular compound and left to idle for half an hour, while the duo of YouTubers have Mexican food.

The oil flush reveals Maserati put the drainage plug in a strange place but also how much gunk is inside that V6. Every car guy knows that oil loses its properties after a certain amount of time, so there’s probably a good amount of wear. There could be bore scoring and the Maserati might even develop bottom-end failure. Of course, if that happens, it makes for good YouTube content.

There are other niggling problems like the trim around the seatbelt falling off or the fact that the windshield wipers only work on high. Tyler puts this down to it being a Chrysler and points at the Dodge Dart started button for proof.

But the biggest issue with the car earned it the nickname “Metherati”. Can you guess what it is? That’s right. The trunk area smells like ammonia, and while Hoovies Garage first believe this was due to cat urine, people in the comments have told him the SUV may have been used as a drug runner. And in case you’re wondering, a police officer told him not to bother filing a report. Enter Breaking Bad jokes here!

So this is a Maserati Levante with a 350-horsepower V6 that hasn’t been serviced in 60,000 miles, and it cost $30,000 at auction. Normally, that car would have been almost worthless, but we’re living in strange times.



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