Donut Rates Exotic Car Collections You’ve Never Heard About, Reveals New Host Justin Freeman

Over the past four or five years, Donut Media has re-shaped car culture in America through a little medium called YouTube. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Just when you thought James and the gang have run out of ideas, they release a video reviewing unique car collections under the title “Rich Guys Need to Chill Out.”

I’ve got this annoying know-it-all part to my personality, so when somebody shows something I’ve never seen before, I pay special attention. See if you know about all these special garages and rich owners!

First of the D-list is a guy named Colton Amster who goes by @jdmsupreme on social media. As you’ve probably guessed, his collection is dedicated to the best imports from around the 199s. And because the new Donut host Justin Freeman is a JDM fan, they rate this quite high.

From what we can tell, a lot of the value is in the Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R. Colton has got at least five of them, including a full-carbon R1 GTR race car by Amuse. Equally mind-blowing is the famous Top Secret Toyota Supra, the V12 one, and the old Evos and STIs.

The second collection is something everybody probably knows about. The famous comedian Gabriel Iglesias owns about 80 Volkswagen Type-2 buses which are reportedly valued at over $3 million. But the Donut duo aren’t impressed and give it a really low rating of D, which we agree with. Buses are cooler than ever, but most of them look the same. Where are the body kits, the crazy engine swaps?

Next up, we have @thepatinacollective, which is a gathering of like-minded people who love retro Mercedes models. I see a Koenig Mercedes-Benz SEC and I hit like. Also, that gullwing monster is amazing. But is that really it?

The next guy is none other than David Lee, the Ferrari collector who recently brought two F50 to Jay Leno’s Garage. There aren’t as many cars as in Fluffy’s bus collection, but just one old stallion is worth more than whole garages or rarities. All the Ferrari halo cars are the: F40, F50, Enzo, 288 GTO, LaFerrari. Valued: $50 million.

Speaking of Jay Leno, he’s also on the list. Probably the most important car collector to ever exist, the former talk show host has amassed… everything, including a steam-powered car. And let’s not forget about the jet-powered motorcycle. That’s got to be an S-tier collection, the best of the best!

What follows is apparently at the opposite of the scale, a collection of expensive cars that are not in such great shape. That’s right, it’s Hoovies Garage.

Young billionaire cars, sultans and sheikhs

Here’s a curveball for the Google algorithm, maybe they throw us a bone: Kendall Jenner. That’s right, the Kardashians are good even at collecting cars. Apparently, she’s addicted to automobiles and owns a vintage Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Cadillac, and Porsche. That’s in addition to the expensive modern stuff tabloids already talk about.

Nothing says “oil money” like cars, which is why Hamdan Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan is on the list as well, though you might know him as the Rainbow Sheikh. It’s been an absolute joy to discover some of his cars as a journalist because none of them are normal. He’s got a giant Jeep, a giant Hummer, a giant Power Wagon and seven old S-Class limos in different colors, which earned him the nickname.

Lastly, we have the Sultan of Brunei. He’s got eleven Ferrari F40s, some of which aren’t red despite Maranello’s policy. However, Donut has strong words about the Sultan. Let’s just say that if they ever visit Brunei, they’ll go straight to jail… or worse.



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