1,500 HP Lamborghini Murcielago Drift Car (Big Turbo V12) of Daigo Saito Rocks Liberty Walk GT Evo Widebody

Over the past decade or so, Lamborghini has invested serious resources into establishing a racing reputation that simply didn’t use to be part of its DNA. And Sant’Agata Bolognese isn’t alone in its effort, with independent athletes pushing the Raging Bull name onto the motorsport scene. Case in point with D1 GP champion Daigo Saito, who is reinventing his Lamborghini Murcielago drift car with 1,500 hp and then some.

The fact that Lamborghini wasn’t nearly as involved in racing as Ferrari or many other automakers from around the world was actually a benefit for builds like Saito’s Murcielago. So when the Japanese drifter originally introduced the machine back in 2015, people had to collect their jaws off the pavement.

The Murcielago is heavier than many drift cars, and its limited visibility certainly doesn’t help when you’re working to go door to door. However, Saito-san didn’t care about all this and even maintained the factory 6.5L N/A V12 that gives the Italian exotic its unmistakable scream. Of course, the suspension was completely revamped and an RWD conversion was in place, among others.

For 2023, though, Saito’s Murcielago drift car got massive upgrades. Fret not, that V12 is still there, but now it rocks a big turbo for the kind of output that rivals the best machines in D1 GP or Formula Drift (Japan and US) at the very least: 1,500 hp.

The Liberty Walk GT Evo widebody for the Lamborghini Murcielago

Another key addition to Daigo Saito’s Murcielago is the Liberty Walk GT Evo widebody kit, which we first showcased back in January.

The competition-inspired aero work starts with a front bumper featuring endurance racing-like fog lights and canards. Then we have the old school, riveted-on look of the front and rear overfenders that house new wheels (I’ve seen both Advan and Work wheels fitted to the build), plus side skirts to match.

At the rear, the supercar gets a mean-looking bumper with a super-sized diffuser, a wing that’s linked to those overfenders, as well as an engine cover with an integrated air scoop that goes all the way to the roof.

Then we have the controversial taillights flanking a pair of elevated exhaust tips with a modern hexagonal design that reminds me of Aventador—that high placement reminds me of Aventador versions like the SVJ and the Ultimae. It’s worth noting you can buy this complete kit, which if made from FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) for $48,000.

Liberty Walk Ferrari F40 vs Daigo Saito’s Lamborghini Murcielago drift car

Given all the aero, it’s no surprise that the car is being built at the Liberty Walk shop over in Japan—the tuner is also the main sponsor on the new black and blue livery.

The official unveiling of Daigo Saito’s 1,500 hp Lamborghini Murcielago drift car took place on July 16, at the Hokkaido Drift Challenge. However, this was a static display, probably due to the engine harness and/or final tweaking not being completed yet.

And while we’ll get to see that big turbo V12 in action later this summer, the said event saw Liberty Walk’s infamous widebody Ferrari F40 drifting around Saito’s Murcielago, which is a massive treat (you can check it out in the Insta clip below).



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