David Dobrik’s Stupid Tesla Jump Gets Repeated, $150,000 Model S Is Totaled

Clips of a black Tesla jumping high into the air and crashing hard have been blowing up all over the place today. The footage shows what’s possibly the most dangerous intentional Tesla crash of all time. Fortunately, nobody died.

We honestly thought it was a Logan Paul or David Dobrik stunt due to the location and didn’t want to report on another stupid stunt done for clout. But fortunately, YouTuber Alex Choi has all the insights, and there are no celebrities behind the wheel. However, we don’t know the identity of the driver, who fled the scene after the incident.

Just to be clear, Alex Choi has done a couple of crazy stunts himself, but nothing this dangerous or stupid. The story is just from his perspective. His video starts with highlights from a Tesla owner’s meet at a Supercharger station… as they do in California.

A random dude wanted to show them where David Dobrik jumped his car. The 2020 video featured some Kardashians, his white Model X being almost totaled and is quite famous. Now a black Model S can be seen charging up a hill.

It gets about 5 feet of air at the crest and continues its flight down the descending hill. It’s immediately obvious that the stunt has gone horribly wrong, based on the angle of the car. After what seems like two seconds in the air, the $150,000 Model S hits nose-first on the curb, not the road.

Moments later, its rear end also smashes down, sending sparks flying. As bits of the bumper fly everywhere and the hood shoots open, it’s obvious that the brand new EV has sustained major damage. The Model S appears to have smashed through a few trash cans and could have caused mild damage to other vehicles, parked on the side of the road. I’d imagine locals aren’t too happy about their piece of tarmac being famous for stupid stunts like this.

Alex’s video footage documents the aftermath as well. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, which is a testament to how Teslas are built. All the airbags have gone off, and it’s pretty obvious that this brand new Model S was total.

What’s funny is that Alex had his car parked on the road on top of the hill. And so another Tesla’s dashcam captured this black Tesla’s last moments.

The location for this perfect disaster is pretty well documented. It’s the intersection between Baxter Street and North Alvarado Street in Los Angeles.

Update: The LAPD has just issued a statement saying it has received over 50 tips on the identity of the driver who fled the horrific Tesla crash. It says over 90% of them point to the same person, who goes by the TikTok handle of @dominykas or @durtedom on Twitter.

The police consider him a person of interest. However, Alex Choi’s Instagram stories say Durte Dom did not jump the Tesla. The YouTuber insists that’s not who was behind the wheel, suggesting Dom is just trying to get attention.



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