Dad Builds Drivable Audi Skysphere Concept for His Daughter in 75 Days

Can you remember how old you were when you first dreamed about building your own car? Some people never give up on that goal, as is the case with a father who made his daughter a memorable present for her one-year anniversary, namely a home-brewed iteration of the Audi Skysphere concept.

Now, for most of us, such an adventure would be quite an uphill climb. However, the man in question has serious DIY experience, proper tools and other people to help with the process. And that’s why his target was nothing less than a German concept car with a variable wheelbase and loads of tech, namely the Skysphere unveiled last year.

Audi’s Sphere concept cars

In the ongoing combustion era, Audi has had to work its way up to the point where it could rival BMW and Mercedes, but the still-young electric age does away with such boundaries. And the Ingolstadt automaker is making a statement about luxury, high-performance EVs via its Skysphere concepts. That and the S1 Hoonitron built for Ken Block’s Electrikhana drifting adventures, but we digress…

The Skyshpere roadster and the Grandsphere four-door “private jet for the road” (Audi’s words) kicked off the hostilities in 2021. This year, the the Urbansphere crossover/MPV keeps the ball rolling, while the Activesphere off-road “lifestyle vehicle” is slated for a 2023 debut.

Now, some of these concepts are closer to production than others. And while the Gradnsphere is probably the name to mention here, the Skyshpere is clearly the most spectacular. So, who needs series production, when you can carve your own roadster out of wood?

The wooden Skysphere

The whole build started off with a three-piece floor that looks a bit like a giant skateboard. From that point on, it took quite a bit of effort and a wide array of tools to build the final result, which pays tribute to the Audi show car in a smaller scale, albeit one that still allows an adult to drive.

A chainsaw, an agle grinder, a wood staple gun, various cutting machines and a spray gun for the multiple layers of clear coat adorning the creation are just some of the hardware used for the project. And since we’ll here, may we suggest some extra protection gear like professional-grade face masks?

At times (e.g., putting larger bits in place), the assembly required more than one person. Nevertheless, the Vietnam-based enthusiast behind the project, who runs the ND – Woodworking Art YouTube channel, seems to have gotten it all done in time. All in all, the process took 75 days and, as stated, was completed for the first birthday of the aficionado’s daughter.

Of course, the wheelbase is fixed, but there are quite a few party tricks here that resemble those on the official concept. From the functional, power frunk to the LED front and rear fascias and even the digital look of the dashboard, the list goes on and on.

As for the cabin, this is just as impressive as the exterior. Never mind the seats, which may still be cozier than those in certain production supercars. Let’s focus on the dashboard, shall we? Not only does this make it seem like it’s comprised entirely out of displays, but it moves about like the real deal—the latter does it to adjust to the wheelbase changes.

Heck, one might even argue that this wooden version stays true to the genuine Audi Skysphere by using electric propulsion, but we’re pushing it here. Still, you can check out the dad and his daughter going for what appears to be a pedestrian-speed drive in the final part of the video.

The builder has created an entire collection of wood-carved cars and more

As you’ve probably guessed by now, this car lover is not at his first wood build. He seems to have paid tribute to all sorts of machines, from a classic icon like the Ferrari 250 GTO to the futuristic Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo gamer-bred concept.

And some of his creations feature a metal chassis with even more impressive body panel operation, so it looks like this man may have created a universe where anything is possible for car lovers. Heck, he even built a train out of wood!

What about marketing? Well, if you think about it, some of the points Audi makes in the official presentation video of the Skysphere, which you’ll find at the bottom of the story, may still apply for this family-friendly wooden version.



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