C8 Corvette Jumps Multiple Times While Off-Roading, but What About the Damage?

Nowadays, the C8 Corvette is a hot topic, thanks to reasons that are both good (people getting on waiting lists for the 2024 Corvette E-Ray hybid) and bad (dealer markups and individual flipping for the 2023 C8 Z06 are ridiculous). The base C8 Stingray? After three years in production, you’d expect this to have matured its way out of social media shenanigans and do what Chevy intended, namely make its owners extremely happy on the road. Well, you’d be wrong, as proven by YouTuber Street Speed 717, who recently took a C8 Corvette off-roading and jumped the hell out of America’s sports car.

Now, if something about this seems familiar, it’s probably because Street Speed 717—his real name is Mike Hyssong—has been in the z axis game since 2021. That’s when his YouTube channel, who was already reasonably popular over Z7 ZR1 hooning content and others, skyrocketed after he ruined a Ram TRX following a massive jump.

YouTube economy probably helped Mike deal with the consequences of the stunt—not only did the TRX take some serious damage while landing, but the vlogger also got fined $53,000 by the York Country, Pennsylvania court for damaging a creek he had used for multiple TRX stunts.

Subsequently, the vlogger kept at it, for instance jumping a Lamborghini Urus over an Aventador, albeit having moved to private property. And while he also does other kinds of clips (his now-sold C8 Z06 was the first one to get a straight pipe exhaust), it seems getting air time in as many ways as possible remains his main on-camera passion.

Taking a page from the book of another YouTuber who’s Internet-famous for his antics, namely WhistlinDiesel, Street Speed 717 treated the C8 like a rally car and jumped it multiple times, all in the name of “durability testing”.

The aftermath of the C8 jump

Surprisingly, as you can see in the second clip below—this is the one with the jump, which awaits at the 5:15 timestamp —the Chevy didn’t show any damage after landing on a dirt ramp at various speeds. Of course, the brief visual inspection backed up by the footage is nowhere near complete, but this still shows how well the C8 is built.

Please note that the first clip below showcases the vlogger’s off-pavement C8 stunts, with this generating the only visible damage to the car, namely some scratches to the right-side quarter panel and the front splitter/bumper.

Mike adjusted his MO for the 39.4/60.6 percent front/rear weight distribution of the mid-engined Corvette. And while the low-profile tires and the short-travel suspension, which were obviously meant for high-speed tarmac adventures, didn’t make things easy for the driver’s spine, it seems Mike, as well as a passenger, are fine.

Of course, as in the case of YouTubers who find hammers useful as styluses for iPhones, or use the latter as an ingredient for boiling-hot tech soup, at least we can say Mike did it, so nobody else has to.

People want Street Speed 717 to build an off-road C8 Corvette

With Street Speed’s C8 Corvette jump video having racked up 60,000 views in under 12 hours since the upload, people in the comments section have already found a constructive way for Mike to play with a mid-engined ‘Vette on rough terrain.

That would be a lifted C8 Chevrolet Corvette, which would come fully prepped for off-roading. And with no such build having apparently been done before, this would be an occasion for Street Speed 717 to pull an Emelia Hartford (the twin-turbo drag racer that even won the hearts of Chevy’s PR people) and give us something unique. Hey, since he put a C4 ‘Vette on 44-inch bogger tires, perhaps he can take things further with a more serious project this time.

Meanwhile, the vlogger listed the jumped 2021 C8 Corvette with 2,339 miles on Facebook Marketplace, or at least a seller named Greg March who lives in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania (also Mike’s home state) did it for him. Of course, the $79,995 price seems to have “shenanigan” written all over it, so let’s see where this story takes us.



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