Alex Kersten Has Officially Left Car Throttle, Starts His Own YouTube Channel

You don’t have to be British to watch and enjoy Car Throttle, one of the funniest automotive YouTube channels there is. Unfortunately, Alex Kersten, the main personality dating back to series such as 2 Guys 1 Car has decided to leave for creative reasons, although he will continue to collaborate with them as a freelancer.

The announcement has been made three days ago on Alex’s brand new YouTube channel, dubbed Autoalex Cars. Even though the clip is only 5:33 minutes long, it explains perfectly what’s going on and has already compelled some 125,000 people to subscribe for new Alex-only content.

Boy, who wouldn’t want to start a new channel with 125k subs after 3 days? But actually, that’s only a drop in the bucket compared to Car Throttle, which has 3.1 million subscribers after about a decade of existence.

So why is he leaving?

As for the reason for his exit from the Car Throttle project, Alex simply says he wants some creative freedom to make his own type of content. In the near future, that seems to mean videos featuring his awesome V6-swapped Miata, which you can see in the background, and also motorbike videos with his mechanic buddy that you might know from videos on the old channel.

Also, Alex seems to be interested in community-related content, talking to interesting people, and checking out cool builds. If I’m reading between the lines right, it’s something he’s been wanting to do for several years. In any case, the reasons are simple, and everybody can respect that. No drama, no fuss, and no bad feelings.

Alex will continue to make content with Car Throttle, but only as a freelancer. I think he’d make a great car reviewer for any of the big UK channels since he’s charismatic and world-famous. But I suspect counting cup holders on the latest crossovers wouldn’t be his thing.

There’s not much I can add to this story on a factual level, but there is something to be said as a personal note. I’ve been watching Car Throttle for over 9 years now. The first clip I ever checked out was “Shift Shop”, a parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop shot in an old Hyundai Veloster.

Back then Car Throttle founder Adnan Ebrahim was a youngster starting a blog in his university bedroom, and he appeared in their videos as well. But now he’s the owner of one of the UK’s biggest car websites and there’s even one of those “who is?” pages about him published by the BBC.

A lot of time has passed. Alex Kersten is currently 37 and recently engaged. Kids are probably going to follow in a few years, and it’s quite brave of him to start this new channel. In May 2023, the marriage to girlfriend Rhi was announced.

Founder Adnan has also left

The Car Throttle YouTube channel was started by Adnan in April 2009, but the first video wasn’t uploaded until January 2011. But he too has left the channel and company.

In August 2019, Car Throttle was bought by a publishing company called Dennis, which also owns brands like Evo, Auto Express, and Carbuyer. Adnan announced he was leaving CT on January 30th, 2020. His new business, MindLabs, is aimed at helping millennials stabilize their mental health.



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