Adam LZ and Collete Davis Involved in Crash, Rare Porsche 911 GT3 Is Totaled

This Saturday (September 24), Adam LZ and his girlfriend Collete Davis were involved in a serious car crash. Both of them are doing okay, but the rarest and probably most expensive car in his collection, a new 911 GT3, is reportedly totaled.

According to his account of the events, a Chevy Silverado truck crossed into his lane going for a left-side pull-off. This took place as the couple was enjoying a manual Porsche 992 GT3 on the Tail of the Dragon in the Smokey Mountains, which Adam describes as “one of my favorite places on earth.”

The Porsche driver was able to avoid a full head-on collision but his purple pride and joy did sustain major damage. Photos provided by the YouTuber show it has sustained heavy damage to the right front wing. The suspension is in tatters on that corner, and the airbags have also gone off.

Everybody’s glad they’re not hurt

While we wouldn’t call this “irreparable damage”, the GT3 is described as totaled, meaning Adam LZ will get money from insurance and sell the wreck. The good news is that neither he nor Collete was hurt. Top automotive influencers took to social media saying they’re glad the couple is ok: Chris Fix, Tj Hunt, Matt Farah, B is for Build, etc.

Adam LZ did release footage of the crash as part of a vlog. And while full transparency means we get to see driving that is clearly spirited, the drift ace says his audience isn’t stupid and would naturally expect this in a Porsche 911 GT3 on such a famous twisty road.

The footage shot from another Porsche participating in the driving event clearly shows the Silverado truck coming into Adam’s lane and basically driving over his 911’s front end before ending in a nearby ditch. You can also tell that Collete is upset about what happened and the way the Chevy driver behaved on the road.

Insurance will not be happy

The story from the other side is that the Silverado was occupied by two girls with the driver following her husband who’s on a street bike and also enjoying the Tail of the Dragon. She was getting anxious because of all the other vehicles gathering behind her and wanted to reach the pull-off area which was on the other side of the road. After watching the video, we think the Chevy was simply going too fast and wouldn’t have been able to take that corner anyway. Maybe she was distracted by the cars behind her and was checking her mirrors instead of looking ahead.

Anyway, this is one expensive crash. It has something like $40,000 in mods alone, heads, downpipe, and HRE wheels. Days before attending this event, Adam had the suspension and engine specially tuned. A brand new GT3 is supposed to start from $161,100, but Porsche prices are crazier than ever, affected by tight demand. One thing’s for sure: Adam may buy another GT3, but he’s never going back on the Tail of the Dragon.



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