2025 Toyota Crown SUV Rendered Following Official Teaser, Coming to US as Hybrid

At the ongoing Japan Mobility Show 2023, Toyota introduced a roster of electric concepts ranging from the FT-Se sports car—a virtual successor for the MR2—to the Kayoibako smart delivery van. However, the Japanese automaker also knows how to keep Americans on their toes, having teased what should be the US-bound Crown SUV for the 2025 model year just earlier this week.

Earlier this year, the Crown nameplate, which has been offered in Japan since 1955, but only sold in the US between 1958 and 1972, returned to American shores. This is the 2023 Toyota Crown, a sedan(-ish) production model based on one of the four Crown concepts the carmaker had shown in 2022, namely the “Crossover type”.

Nevertheless, the upcoming vehicle we’re discussing would be the production iteration of the “Estate type” Crown concept. But let’s not get caught up in the nomenclature and move on to the said teaser.

Toyota released a single image, albeit with a few details. So the carmaker is telling us the new model is a mid-size SUV featuring hybrid propulsion and (e)AWD. The new Crown SUV will be slightly shorter than the Highlander, featuring a five-seater layout rather than offering accommodation for seven.

Looking at the teaser, the part of the taillight we can see matches the rear light clusters of the Crown “Estate type” concept—this is clearly an SUV and if we factor in the letter “C” at the beginning of its name, we should get the 2025 Crown SUV.

Meanwhile, the internet is eager to see more of the future model. And, following the official teaser, we’ve brought along a few renderings of the 2025 Toyota Crown SUV. The images were generated using AI and we can thank the AutomagzPro YouTube channel for the work.

Now, some believe Toyota will adopt a 2023 Prius-like face for more of its models, including the 2025 Crown SUV—hey, you could say Honda did this for its sporty Prelude concept at the Japan Mobility Show, but let’s not get sidetracked here.

And while the concept previewing the Toyota hybrid SUV did share its headlight signature with the new Prius, these renderings belong to the camp that believes the model will get its own lighting identity—hey, the Prius is so cool that it’s probably getting a go-fast version called the GRMN Prius.

Engine range for the 2025 Toyota Crown SUV

The 2025 Toyota Crown SUV will borrow its engine range from the 2023 Crown sedan. At the time of press, this means a pair of hybrid powertrains where an electric motor powers the rear axle and an ICE feeds the front axle, hence the AWD. The gas units include a 2.5L inline-4 with 236 hp and a turbocharged 2.4L inline-4 making 340 hp.

And since the Japanese market has already received a Crown Sport crossover that can be had with a plug-in hybrid powertrain involving a turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-4, the Crown SUV could also receive this for a PHEV version.

Expect Toyota to release more details on the Crown SUV at the LA Auto Show 2023, which starts on November 17. The upcoming event could also bring the debut of the rumored GR Crown performance version of the current sedan.



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