2024 Porsche Panamera Looks Ready for Production

Porsche has been one of the most categoric automakers in terms of continuing to develop internal combustion engines while moving further with electrification. And while the carmaker is preparing to introduce a new Panamera for the 2024 model year, this should be the final ICE model.

The first Panamera was introduced back in 2009, while the current Gen II model picked up the torch in 2016. And, despite the fact that the 2024 model is expected to be more of an evolution of the current car, this should be labeled as the Gen III Panamera.

Prototypes of this third-generation Porsche Panamera have been spotted for quite a while now, with the debut of the vehicle expected to happen in 2023, but not before the carmaker introduces the mid-cycle refresh for the Gen III Cayenne SUV.

The Panamera test vehicle in the video below (lens tip to YouTuber DrGumoLunatic) apparently wears little camouflage, having been spotted on German streets. However, this is only the traditional—and highly efficient—Zuffenhausen way of hiding new styling features in plain sight.

For one, if we zoom in on the little side window sitting after the rear door, the tape found here suggests a design change. Then there are the light cluster updates, which are still concealed by tape.

Upgraded combustion engines and hybrid powerplants for the 2024 Panamera

There are no dramatic engine range changes expected for the 2024 Porsche Panamera. As such, the newcomer should feature slightly upgraded version of the current car’s twin-turbo 2.9L V6 and 4.0L V8, 48V mild-hybrid assistance included.

And while the Old Continent’s Euro 7 emission standards, which are currently a proposal for 2025, bring serious limitations, this prototype that was spotted lapping the Nurburgring earlier this year shows that V8 power is here to stay.

The same small boosts should also take place for the three gas-electric Panamera models currently on offer. That would be the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, 4S E-Hybrid and the beastly 680 hp Turbo S E-Hybrid range-topper. The bulk of the upgrades should target the electron side of the equation, with larger battery packs and electric motors set to increase both efficiency and all-electric range.

And while the 2024 Panamera may or may not follow the Nurburgring record steps of the present car, Porsche will continue to ensure the handling is engaging enough to make this relevant in a market where SUVs continue to gain traction.

The interior of the Gen III Panamera

It’s already been a few good years since Porsche gave up on its button-loaded interiors. And the 2024 Panamera should take a page from the Taycan’s book, coming with a more minimalist cabin approach. For one, previously spied prototypes have shown that the Gen III Panamera’s center-console mounted shifter for the PDK dual-clutch transmission will make room for a shaver-like unit on the left of the central infotainment screen.

Speaking of which, the generation change will also bring a plethora of fresh infotainment features, along with (OTA) software updates and others.

An all-electric Panamera is coming around 2027 and it will be offered alongside a second-gen Taycan

The Gen III Panamera should be offered alongside the current Taycan past 2025. However, around 2027, Porsche is expected to introduce the second-generation Taycan together with a larger, all-electric Panamera. You see, while the next Taycan will maintain the nameplate’s current performance focus, the battery-powered Panamera should rival more lavish models like the Mercedes EQS and the Lucid Air.

Zuffenhausen will offer a similar approach for its SUVs. So while a fully electric Cayenne is expected to arrive in 2025, a larger ( full-size) 7-seater electric Porsche SUV codenamed K1 will join the range around the same time.

Meanwhile, Porsche is set to officially showcase the Macan EV next year, with the first customer deliveries scheduled for 2024.



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