2024 Ford Capri Returning as Electric Coupe-SUV Based on Volkswagen MEB Platform

Several reports and an official rendering have confirmed that Ford is developing an all-new Capri. It may debut quite soon as an all-electric coupe SUV with “iconic” styling elements from its predecessor. Best of all, it’s based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, just like the recently unveiled Explorer EV, which means development will be quick.

Ford’s partnership with Volkswagen is growing quicker than we could have imagined and is yielding surprising results, not only in passenger cars but also pickups and vans. While the Mustang Mach-E is superior in terms of handling and fun, by using VW technology, Ford is able to rapidly develop new EVs for the masses, like the Capri.

I feel like the Capri is a car that needs no introduction. It’s the European equivalent of a Mustang, meant to deliver fast thrills on a budget in an otherwise gloomy post-war market. It was “the car you always promised yourself,” as the ads used to say. It was in production from 1968 until 1986 through three different generations, the most iconic being the last one.

But since the last Capri rolled off the production line nearly 37 years ago, the time is right for Ford to revive the nameplate as a crossover. Yes, this is going to upset a few classic car fans who aren’t getting the coupe they wanted, but for everybody else, this is great news.

Capri EV: 100% confirmed

Although Ford refuses to comment on its future plans, they’re the ones who are letting the cat out of the bag. On the sidelines of the Explorer reveal party earlier this month, several journalists have been told about the Capri. In addition, Ford designers have been allowed to release a teaser, a black silhouette of the SUV’s front end with LED halos similar to the classic four headlights of the Mk3.

It’s clear that they’re using design similarities to ease the transition from classic muscle car to bloated crossover, just like with the Mustang Mach-E. In addition, by using the Capri name instead of a new one, they’re ensuring enthusiasts form an opinion, be that good or bad. It’s marketing genius!

What the 2024 Ford Capri will look like

The 2024 Ford Explorer electric SUV is due in European showrooms this year but could take a little longer to reach markets like Australia. And as for America, it may take even longer or it might not come at all, since the new tax credits heavily favor EVs that are locally made (the Explorer EV is German-made).

The Ford Capri will follow an identical blueprint, though it will arrive a little while longer. While the Explorer is boxy like the VW ID.4, the Capri will take the shape of a coupe with a lower roof that slopes towards the back. Some of the development work has already been done with the ID.5, as well as the Skoda Enyaq Coupe and the upcoming Cupra Tavascan.

Ford still has extensive work with the exterior, which will be given that “icon” retro look. The preview images we’re showing you are renderings from Kolesa, which combine the LEDs from the teaser with a few elements of the old Capri and some trim from the Explorer EV. However, we believe Ford will have the roof even more sloped than this.

2024 Ford Capri specs

The development of the Capri EV is possible thanks to a partnership signed by Ford and Volkswagen in 2020. It’s already resulted in twin compact pickup trucks, the new Ranger and Amarok, so we know how other vehicles will be developed.

The 2024 Ford Capri EV will feature a lot of existing technology, both from Volkswagen and Ford. It will also be built in Germany on Volkswagen’s assembly line, which means several elements will have to be identical to pre-existing vehicles that are based on the MEB electric car platform. Ironically, the old Capri was also made by the Germans, in Cologne.

Think of it as an electric skateboard with wheels. The most important element is a long-range battery pack that can hold 82 kWh of charge and will provide a range of up to 330 miles or about 530 km per charge. Most models will, however, have 10-20% less range, and Ford will also offer the smaller 55 kWh battery system about a year after the launch fitted exclusively with one EV motor at the back, rated at 170 PS or 168 hp.

The AWD Capri will come in two dual-motor flavors, 286 PS/282hp or the Capri ST with 340 PS/335 hp. This indirectly confirms power increases for Cupra, Skoda RS, and VW GTX models.

The Capri should have an identical wheelbase to the ID.4: 2,766mm. The overall length will be around 4,650mm and the cargo volume should be only slightly less than the Explorer. Prices will start at around €45,000 in Germany.



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