2024 BMW M7 Will Be a 750 HP Monster, i7 M Might also Rival Tesla

Despite what the critics have to say, customs actually love the new BMW designs. They stand out and have helped the German automaker to get attention for hybrids, EVs and new M cars. The M4 giant grille act will actually be followed by a BMW M7 if the latest rumor is to be believed.

Carwow magazine has published a video detailing all the BMW models that are about to share the number 7… except the X7. More specifically, there’s going to be a new 7- Series, an M7, i7 and i7 M. What’s more interesting is that they’re supposed to share a platform.

You see, while most automakers have decided to use special EV platforms because they’re somehow better, BMW disagrees. However, the model that really caught our attention is the M7.

You see, BMW has never made an M7 model, despite strong interest from its customers. A super-large, ultra-powerful limo would be the ideal rival to the iconic Mercedes-AMG S63. BMW came pretty close with the M760Li a few years back. Its V12 engine was virtually unique and quite powerful, but it doesn’t meet emissions regulations. In its place, we have the 750Li with a V8 which for 2022 got replaced by the 760Li that gets the new, more powerful 4.4-liter V8 codenamed S68 and equipped with mild hybrid tech.

So how is an M7 supposed to stand out? Using hybrid tech: 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 combined with a 200 horsepower e-motor to deliver 750 hp. The powertrain has been under development for many years and made its debut in the XM concept, likely a preview of the X8 M flagship SUV. And if that sounds far-fetched, Porsche and Mercedes-AMG already have that kind of tech.

Design-wise, the 7 Series continues to be the rebellious kid in the luxury class. Its headlights are about to be split in two, while the grille is as “ugly” as ever. But isn’t a $200,000 German sports sedan supposed to stand out.

The same design is likely to be shared with the i7, which is fully electric. The similarities eco those of the current 4 Series Gran Coupe and i4, which are brothers. Also, the i4 M40’s twin-motor setup is going to carry over to the flagship EV, delivering about 540 hp. However, a flagship i7 with three motors could rival the Tesla Model S P100D with 700+ hp. And as for range, we’re told to expect about 400 miles per charge, which by the way is done at up to 200 kWh.



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