2023 BMW M2 (G87) Leak Fully Reveals Radical Rear Bumper, Boxy Design

The 2023 BMW M2 (G87), which is set to debut next month (reportedly on the 11th), has now leaked online. We’re looking at a complete take, as we can zoom in on the front, side, and rear of the coupe. For the record, this will probably be the final non-limited BMW M car with a non-hybrid powerplant and an optional manual gearbox. No pressure…

BMW itself has showcased a 2023 M2 prototype covered in colored camouflage, while multiple test cars wrapped in the usual black-and-white camo have been spotted. Well, if we compare the styling details in these three leaked images with the prototypes, it all seems to check out.

In addition, we can say the same about the M2 front bumper that leaked via China back in July (you’ll find the pics in sugardesign_1’s Instagram post below). And yes, we’re talking about that Sugar Design.

Having established that this seems to be the real deal, there is one strange element of the vehicle in the leaked images, which came from the Bimmerpost forums. That would be the lack of any decoration on the front fenders—not even an M badge is present.

The said detail has made enthusiasts wonder if this is the final version, but all we have so far is another post in the thread that brought us the photos. Thus, a user claims that “I have confirmation that this is the production car from someone who has seen it,

An angular take with retro influences

The angular design, which features simpler lines than the ones on the M240i, which is the current range-topper, clearly highlights the M2.

Up front, there’s a somewhat busy lower intake (sensors need a home too), but, overall, we can talk of a clear-cut design. That power domme on the hood? It was already present on the M240i.

Moving to the side, the M2 will have wider tracks, which is reflected in the beefier arches, but the difference compared to the M240i is subtle.

At least to these eyes, the posterior is the most striking part of the machine. And since we’ve already gotten used to the taillights and the boot lid spoiler is as discreet as possible, the audacity comes from the rear bumper. However, since we can’t rely on a single picture, we’ll wait for more media to show up before reaching a conclusion.

After all, with more than one new-age BMW design being polarizing, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and binge on “BMW designers” memes.

Twin-Turbo S58 power for the 2023 M2

Looks aside, a lot rests on the tech side of the second-gen M2. You see, with traditional M cars (e.g. M3, M5) having grown and the go-fast arm now working on the XM hybrid SUV, the compact coupe that is the M2 links the division to icons that built its reputation, with the E30 M3 of the mid-80s being an example as good as any.

Of course, the weight figure is paramount here, but this should be the greatest asset the M2 has over the M240i, at least outside the powertrain. Speaking of which, while the latter is animated by the B58 shared with the Supra, the M2 will employ the S58 twin-turbo 3.0L straight-six currently powering the X3 M, X4 M, M3, and M4.

A previous leak has shown that the S58 in the M2 will make 453 hp, which is slightly lower than the 473 hp output from the other models mentioned above. And while the torque for the compact coupe remains unknown for now, the X3 M and X4 M benefit from 457 lb-ft (620 Nm).

And, thanks to yet another document that had surfaced in an unofficial manner (these leaks never seem to stop!), we know that that M2 will be available with a rear-biased xDrive AWD system, but an RWD version will also be offered. At the moment, it’s unclear how these options will be mixed with the choice between a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic.

The rumor mill also talks about BMW working on an M2 CSL/CS, which will shed some serious weight while bumping the power to the said 473 hp level. So it seems there will be an M2 for every taste, which is why we can’t wait to meet the sports car next month.

Update: The 2023 BMW M2 G87 has now been fully revealed and it’s a RWD-only beast!



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