Toyota GR Crown Performance Crossover Coming in Late 2023 With 380 HP

We know that Toyota plans to turn the Crown nameplate into a whole family of vehicles, but it seems the “crossover” that just got launched will receive further updates in the form of the GR Crown, rumored to debut during the fall of 2023 with more power and sportier suspension.

It sounds totally wild to have a GR Crown because the car is much heavier than a Camry and is also geared toward luxury and comfort. However, we’ve been seeing renewed interest in sports models from Toyota, and it’s already quite crazy that the GR Yaris has a bespoke body or that the GR Corolla comes with that amazing AWD and 3-cylinder turbo.

But first, the GR Crown facts

A new report has just come out from the Japanese scoop website Best Car Web, which claims “GR specifications are under development” for the GR Crown.

The report basically talks about the Crown Crossover RS model from Japan, which is sold in America as the Crown Platinum. Its powertrain currently consists of a turbocharged 2.4-liter engine and dual electric motors sending out 340 hp (US spec) to the AWD via a six-speed auto.

According to the Japanese website, for the GR Crown, the 2.4L turbo’s output can easily be increased from 272 to 300 hp and the total output with the hybrid system will apparently go up to 380 hp. These are JDM numbers, so they might be lowered by about 10 hp if they decide to ship this to America. Which would put the GR Corolla in the same ballpark as a Genesis GV70 3.3T or the BMW X3 M40i.

Furthermore, the vehicle will receive a new suspension setup to lower the GR Crown and make it take corners a little better. The brakes will be larger, and other chassis components will also be strengthened. Obviously, this will be paired with a new body kit, previewed here by a rendering with GR Corolla inspiration.

Known as the T24A-FTS, this motor is revolutionary for Toyota, which has largely stayed away from turbocharging. It basically replaces the V6 in a number of cars following its debut on the 2022 Lexus NX 350. It makes a little bit more torque than a 3.5-liter, but the main advantage is actually lowered emissions. Like the A25A found on most Toyotas, it has both direct and port injection.

In a way, the GR Crown already exists

Back in July, immediately after the release of the car, Toyota showed both Modellista and GR Parts versions of the 2023 Crown. Essentially, these are body kits and accessory packs offered so that Japanese buyers can add more style and prestige to the car.

The GR Parts “Voguish Aerodynamics” costing about $2,400 adds a variety of skirts and spoilers for an aggressive look. The pre-painted parts can be combined with a set of 21-inch wheels adding another $3,500 to the cost when wrapped in Michelin tires.

The Crown family is supposed to have three more models in 2023, all of which have been previewed to some degree as prototypes: Sport, Sedan and Estate. The few people in the West who have heard of this car know it as a luxury sedan. But over the decades, the JDM Crown has been a utility vehicle, a coupe, a limo, a hearse and a taxi. So why not this faux BMW X6?



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