New Pandem Rocket Bunny Toyota GR86 Widebody V1.5 Adds Duckbill and Massive Wing for Full Aero

The Pandem Rocket Bunny widebody kit for the Toyota GR86 is already out there on the street—and in Formula Drift—so what’s up with the new V1.5 aero package that just showed up? Well, as mentioned in the title, this adds some serious downforce to the posterior of the sports car.

Tra Kyoto, the Japanese company led by Kei Miura, who is behind the Pandem Rocket Bunny so many enthusiasts love, has already included a regular-sized wing in the original V1.0 aero package for the GR86 and second-gen Subaru BRZ (here’s the first Scooby sporting such a pack).

However, in today’s excess-dominated aftermarket landscape, a regular wing simply isn’t enough. So, as it has done on other occasions, the developer is now giving aero manipulation fans not one, but two choices for some extra heat.

It all starts with a generously-sized duckbill, which is offered for $580. Then there’s the optional GT wing, which comes with a heftier $2,000 price.

You can see the fresh goodies in the first two images below (the red car), with the rest of the gallery showcasing the V1.0 kit. And we’re glad the “square” fenders, which can also be seen on the specialist’s C8 Corvette widebody kit, are here to stay.

Yes, these are renderings and no, there aren’t any other changes to the aero package of the Toyobaru, as you can notice by comparing the two.

In fact, the full package also includes the front bumper, front canards, front splitter, side skirts, front and rear overfenders, as well as the rear diffuser—these bits are made of FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer). And, with the said pair of V1.5 aero pieces included, the grand total for this Pandem Rocket Bunny offering sits at $7,680.

We could see in IRL any day now

With the goodies now ready to storm into the world, we should see the V1.5 Pandem Rocket Bunny GR86 kit at this November’s SEMA show—we’d have ours in duckbill-only form.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Kei Miura does when he’s not working on popular sports cars, you should know he takes a limited number of special commissions each year, with this 1,000 hp Fiat Multipla built by French YouTube label Vilebrequin on top of a Corvette Z06 being an example as good as any.



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