Liberty Walk Toyota GR86 Widebody Is Ready, Debuting at 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon

OMG, is that a Z? You may have had this question as you gazed at these first real-world images of the Liberty Walk Toyota GR86 widebody, which were released in December 2022. However, once the final elements (e.g. the grilles) are added, and that yellow tape on the headlights is removed, the look of the sportscar will remain in Toyota land. And we’re glad to show you some proof of that, especially since we’re updating this story for 2023—the tuner has released a new set of images showcasing the final look of the kit.

The tape is off, the front grille has been mounted and we can now fully enjoy the “Panda” black-and-white look of the Liberty Walk Toyota GR86.

The Japanese aftermarket specialist had uploaded the interim-stage images of its GR86 demo car less than 24 hours ago on Instagram (back in December last year). However, the company had previously released a rendering video showcasing the final form of its widebody GR86—this awaits you at the bottom of the story.

The clip can also be found on Liberty Walk’s website, right next to the pricing for the GR86 kit, which varies between $7,810 and $12,980. It all depends on whether you’d like a CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) or an FRP version. In addition, the package can come with replacement fenders, so you don’t have to drill into the factory units to install the overfenders.

Liberty Walk covers both the GR86 and second-generation Subaru BRZ, as it did with their predecessors. And the full list of goodies includes the hood, front bumper with canards for it, side skirt extensions, overfenders, rear wing and rear diffuser.

The official debut for the package is scheduled for the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon (Jan 13-15), which makes for a good excuse to see Santa coming twice this year.

Liberty Walk is on a roll

Founder Wataru Kato has seen the brand reaching new heights in 2022. And we can safely say that Liberty Walk has found new ways of messing with purists. Extremely different ways, that is.

For one, Wataru-san has drilled into the fenders of a genuine Ferrari F40 en route to a standout Liberty Walk widebody unveiling. The project is still in the oven and we can’t wait to see its final form.

Then there’s the one for the “masses”, namely the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Urus kit, which we saw last month at SEMA. As explained by the specialist, there will be more Liberty Walk SUV kits in the future, so we’d better get used to the idea.

However, SEMA was also the scene for the debut of a more… ahem… conventional LB Walk proposal, namely a widebody Honda K-swapped Ferrari 308, which is one of the most accomplished builds we’ve seen in a while.



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