All-New Toyota Supra EV Rumored to Arrive in 2025 With “Pseudo Manual Transmission”

After years of speculation and concepts, Toyota finally revealed the A90 Supra back in 2019. It became an instant hint, and despite criticism directed toward its BMW badging, it’s now a core part of the Japanese brand’s identity. So much so that Toyota can’t give up on the Supra even in the era of electric cars.

That’s right; we’re suggesting there’s going to be a Toyota Supra EV. And although this seems difficult to believe, stranger things have happened. The January issue of Japanese scoop magazine Best Car Web states that a 6th-generation Supra will debut as an EV in 2025.

Just like the story about the GR86 being discontinued and eventually replaced by a 1.6-liter turbo model, fans of the Supra are going to find this difficult to believe. After all, the sports car is almost synonymous with powerful six-cylinder engines, be that of the 2JZ or B58 variety. However, there’s no denying electric cars are the future of performance, and their tech brings excitement to each segment, even pickups.

One advantage of electric motors is that they can be more easily modulated. An internal combustion engine can make a dozen adjustments per second to compensate for the loss of traction. But an EV can stay right on the edge of its grip, modulating its power almost infinitely.

But first, the A90 will be allowed to reach its full potential. We’re talking about the GRMN Supra. Not the GR Supra, but a true performance vehicle that will receive up to 550 horsepower from a 3-liter twin-turbo engine, the same kind that powers BMW M3 CS.

This car will be launched this year and will be the last major update for the Supra until the current generation is retired in 2025. It sounds like a very expensive limited-edition, so better start saving, considering this will also be the last ICE-powered Supra.

Beyond that, almost nothing is known about the Supra EV, other than its debut two years from now and the fact that it’s RWD. But our source mentions “pseudo-MT” which suggests Toyota may be looking to introduce a kind of manual shifting experience that sets this apart from other EVs.

And it will apparently be designed like a midship car, a bit MR2, not a traditional Supra shape. It sounds pretty crazy and radical, but we’re hearing similar stories from a lot of Japanese automakers. For example, the R36 Nissan GT-R is rumored to go after the Porsche Taycan with a 4-door coupe body and EV performance.



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