2022 Toyota GR86 Gets Kuhl Racing Widebody Kit in Japan, Looks Big

The GR86 is an all-new sports car from Toyota, built on a strong partnership with the Subaru BRZ. And while the main idea here is to be cheap and fun to drive, there’s also a lot of room to tune the coupe into something exotic-looking.

The old 86 was one of the most often customized sports cars, especially Japanese ones. A variety of body kits were available, the Pandem/Rocket Bunny one being among the most popular. However, this all-new 2022 Toyota GR86 has an available Kuhl Racing package that’s even more spectacular.

Over the years, I’ve written about a lot of Kuhl project cars. They were especially famous for the “engraved metal” builds which had special multi-layer paint jobs that looked like engraved vintage guns. The R35 GT-R was their primary target, but that’s getting old, whereas this Toyobaru is so fresh.

Kuhl partnered with several other Japanese tuner parts specialists, including Verz Wheels and Krone, for the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. Together, they build a whole fleet of BRZ and 86s for us to admire.

The star of the show has to be the widebody kit because fender flares stroke the ego of every 2-door car driver. Multiple components are used to add a good couple of inches to either side of the car. These not only serve esthetic purposes, but also ensure that you can install much wider wheels and tires.

The Japanese tuners have also designed an interesting new front bumper. This has a big nose for the Kuhl Racing logo to sit on, looking a bit like the Supra big brother. Rectangular air intakes are also fitted, larger than the factory ones. This appears to be a GR86, but we’re 99% sure the parts will work on the BRZ.

The front and rear fender flares are tied in with large side skirts that make the BRZ/GR86 look like a larger car. When viewed from the back, the sports car shows large air vents and an obvious trunk-mounted wing with a goose-neck design.

The brushed blue color is a wrap. Most likely, that’s how they moved from design to prototype in just a few months. Tuners have also fitted four oversized titanium exhaust tips on this Tokyo beauty. The Kuhl Racing GR86 04R-GTW should be available later this year with pricing likely under $10,000.



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