1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata Time Capsule Hasn’t Been Driven in 29 Years, Gets Cleaned

That’s right folks, Mazda Miatas can now be called “time capsules”, and finding one that’s been stored away for decades could be the most exciting news to hit roadster-loving communities. This one was bought new in 1990, the first year, and was kept in storage from 1993 until now. A long time, way longer than you think!

In 1993, George Bush and Russian president Boris Yeltsin met to ban the use of intercontinental ballistic missiles, while Nelson Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s the year that the European Single Market was created, and Clinton was sworn into office.

We’d love to meet the person who bought a brand new Miata at launch in 1990, drove it just 1,500 miles, and thought it was so special that it deserved to be kept in safe storage. It’s the right thing to do, but that’s the kind of treatment usually reserved for rare supercars or iconic Detroit products. Sadly, we can’t ask that question because the original owner passed away.

The people taking care of his estate are thus able to sell this time capsule which hasn’t been on the road since 1993. That’s 29 years, but don’t think this is some grimy old Mustang covered in mouse droppings. No, it’s actually in great condition with many parts looking brand new. If you’ve ever wanted a mint condition NA Miata, this is probably right up your alley.

What a 1990 Miata is worth

The average price of a 1990 Miata is just over $10,000. However, this being such a cool time capsule and the fact that it’s being documented by a famous detailing YouTuber means it’s probably closer to the all-time record of $28,500. Heck, I know plenty of people who’ve spent that much just modding their Mazdas.

The seller claims that the top of the Miata has never been put down and only the battery and oil have been replaced. Everything else is as it was leaving the Mazda factory, plus the minimal wear of 1,500 miles driven.

Its owner even took the time to was the Miata, but that doesn’t mean it’s immaculate. AMMO NYC specializes in detailing and found plenty of spider webs that needed washing off, plus a few swirls in the beautiful red paint. He also de-greased the engine bay. Until 1994, these early Miatas came with a 1.6-liter twin-cam engine producing 116 horsepower.

The NA MX-5 Miata had a number of custom versions, the Special Edition, Black Miata, Limited Edition and M-Edition. This is not one of those; it’s probably the most basic of three trim levels, “A package”, offering a leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum alloy wheels, and a cassette player. “B Package” would have added powered windows, which this doesn’t have.



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