Acura NSX Type S vs GT-R Nismo Drag Race Ends in Obliteration, Corvette and 911 Turbo S Join the Fun

For many Japanese cars, 2022 marks a new beginning. However, it’s probably also the end of the line for the R35 Nissan GT-R. So we thought it would be interesting to compare the Nismo version against the Acura NSX Type S, another JDM model which blurs the lines between sports cars and supercars.

That’s the theme of this drag race, shot by the Throttle House duo (+camera man) at Willow Springs Raceway. Nothing here can strictly be called a supercar, but most have the necessary performance to compete with some kind of Ferrari. Also, it’s a great chance to check out what a GT-R can do before its retirement and also one of the few drag races shot with the new 2022 Acura NSX Type S.

The R35 feels like it’s been in production for 15 years. And while performance has steadily improved, prices have also increased significantly as well. This Nismo version sits at the top of the model range, costing $217,500 as specified here. It’s full of carbon fiber and makes 600 horsepower from the familiar 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6. But does its performance justify the price?

Its opponent is also a classic, the Acura NSX. This is not a Japanese car, strictly speaking. However, it’s probably a collectible, so you’re not going to see many drag races. The NSX Type S features many improvements over the predecessor model, including a new front-end design, turbochargers from the NSX race car, and re-tuned electric motors. The result: 600 horsepower and just 11 hp more than the GT-R Nismo. Despite being a hybrid, it’s not much heavier.

There’s another car in the 3-way drag race shot at Willow Springs, a standard C8 Corvette. Unlike its “Japanese” rivals, this is a mid-engined V8 sports car sending power to the rear wheel. And at $85,000, it’s also significantly cheaper, but also slower, as it turns out.

In both the drag race and the rolling race, the GT-R Nismo wins by a car’s length over the NSX Type S. While this isn’t particularly humiliating, we’re talking about technology from the 2000s beating an advanced hybrid. The reviewers are also shocked that the GT-R walked the NSX in the top end, where it seems to make the most power, because the R35 was traditionally a monster at launching.

Speaking of monsters, one is unleashed in the form of the Porsche 911 Turbo S. “It’s in another universe of speed,” they say regarding the German Godzilla killer as it crosses the finish line several lengths ahead. Everything about that new 911 is amazing, plus it has the Lightweight Package with bucket seats and a read bench delete. And all that for #223,230? Porsche, this is just not fair!



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