Widebody 1966 Chevelle Big Block Is Fully Murdered, Costs $500,000

Do you know how in Ford v Ferrari Ken Miles says the Mustang is pretty but he’d take a Chevelle over it any day? Well, here’s a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle that might be to his liking. It’s got all the power in the world and is built using racing technology. And while it might not set Le Mans records, this thing is supposedly worth Lamborghini money: $500,000.

That’s right, a cool half-million dollars have gone into this car because of all the custom work. And like almost all other expensive builds, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. If a stock Chevelle is your idea of perfect, you’d better look away.

Perhaps the striking feature is the bumpers. Both the front and the rear ones look almost modern. They’re body color, as opposed to their chromed stock counterparts. Also, the metal goes much further down, and that’s the case with the side rockers as well. Basically, other than the headlights, it doesn’t look like a Chevelle, and even those have been blacked out.

Dustin Hacker from Nostalgia Hot Rods modified every body panel on the car. Doors, fenders, roof, and all. The car is 6 inches wider than stock, presumably at the back, since the front is only 2 inches wider. Maybe that’s where the 10,000 hours of work have gone.

While a Chevelle SS with a 396 would have shown the Mustang a thing or two back in 1966. But that wasn’t enough for the owner, so a 900 horsepower upgrade was made, one that revs to 8,000rpm. Didn’t we say it’s like a race car? We think that this 565 Big Block is rocking a Merlin III block plus a bunch of other forged goodies.

Yeah. So, enjoy the car. Shawn, we’re sorry to hear about the accident and wish you a speedy recovery. And not just because of our AutotopiaLA addiction.



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