Wald SpaceX Body Kit Turns Tesla Model Y into Aston Martin, Debuts in China

Wald is one of the biggest Japanese suppliers of body kits. They make high-end stuff, catering to expensive Toyota SUVs and even Rolls-Royce. But this Wald body kit for the Tesla Model Y just made its debut in China and seems to be limited to that market.

Tuning Teslas is a difficult thing. For some reason, there hasn’t been a successful body kit. Some packages look acceptable, but many ruin the original design, and this one isn’t an exception. And this one is, sadly, no exception.

The “SpaceX” body kit is not featured on the official Wald International official website and we probably know why. It may not be available outside of China, where copyright laws are way more lenient. And there are two main issues with the kit.

First, the connection between the Tesla Model Y and SpaceX is not an official one. While Elon Musk is the big boss at both companies, he does not endorse the Wald body kit. It is a pretty interesting livery, a chrome wrap with weathered effects to resemble the rocket. I think that if Wald starts selling this package in Japan, it would be a Black Bison Tesla (their own aftermarket brand).

The second issue we have is the way the kit is designed. The front obviously still looks like a Tesla, but the way in which the nose tapers down is very reminiscent if not identical to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. We imagine this is intentional.

Beyond that, Wald claims this is a carbon fiber kit, which you can see in some of the photos. It consists of the usual parts: front bumper, front lip spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, and trunk spoiler. Optionally, you can have Wald-made wheels in either 20- or 21-inch sizes. It doesn’t look like the kit will actually improve the aerodynamics of the Model Y and make it more efficient. But can you imagine driving around in a Tesla rocket? Pretty cool.

At the moment, the Wald Space X Tesla kit is only available through a Chinese body kit website called CarGym, where it costs $4,000. They claim it can be shipped all over the world, although a lot more money is coming out of your pocket.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a price war going on in China, and the Model Y. The electric crossover is currently selling for the equivalent of $37,000 and is outperforming many cheaper models from local brands. During the first quarter of 2023, Tesla sold 94,469 Model Ys in China according to JATO, an increase of 26% compared to last year.



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