This Humble Bentley Has the Power of Two Bugatti Chirons, Is Now a Drag Car

Sure, you might know a few cars that can run the quarter-mile in the seven-second range and still be able to take you to the shopping mall (at least hypothetically), but I’m willing to bet not too many of them are Bentleys. Well, the contraption that demands our attention right now most certainly is, even though its tech setup has little in common with the one the Crewe factory fitted back in the day.

As per the UK’s DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) plate check, this lavish coupe rolled off the production line in 2004, sporting the 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12, the only motor available at the time.

Well, that engine is no longer present, having been replaced by something a little more appropiate for the drag strip tool that this still-street-legal monster has become.

Pop the hood and you’ll be greeted by a 10.2-liter monster that also works with two turbos. Developed by Steve Morris engines, the unit delivers in excess of 3,000 horsepower—the motor specialist recently advertised the fact that the Continental GT is looking for a new owner.

And since there’s no need for eight ratios on the drag strip—actually, the production ZF tranny couldn’t handle the newfound muscle—the transmission is a Rosler three-speed.

And while platforms such as the R35 Nissan GT-R and the Lamborghini V10 (Gallardo/Huracan) have seen 3,000 hp monsters rolling in AWD form, this Bentley is now a RWD toy.

Redefined (and bad) to the bone

Originally built by Jon Webster Engineering, the machine has undergone an extensive transformation, which is only natural given its said aceleration devil purpose.

For one, the acres of wood that used to adorn the interior are gone, with the stripped-out cabin now being a mix of painted metal and carbon fiber.

That’s nothing compared to the tubular structure residing underneath the familiar panels of the Big B. And the fact that all this work is hidden from view only makes things better.

That’s not to say that anybody who knows a thing or two about fast cars will confuse this Conti GT for the ride of some Instagram celebrity—the beadlock rear wheels holding fat slicks in place and the skinny wheels/tires that reduce rolling resistance up front are just some of the aspects that give this wolf-in-wolf-clothing away.

It’s just that a Chiron owner (this is a low-9s machine) might still not expect to get smoked by this 7s Bentley. In fact, you’ll see it pulling such a stunt on the UK’s Santa Pod raceway back in 2015 in the YouTube clip below.



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