This 1965 Mustang Is About to Join the Dodge Brotherhood, Coming to 2022 SEMA

Earlier today, we discussed a Hellcat-swapped Rolls-Royce that made a non-running appearance at last month’s SEMA show. Well, the build that brought us here, a 1965 Ford Mustang with some Dodge flavor of its own, should be fully operational well before its scheduled 2022 SEMA show appearance.

Is it too early to zoom in on the projects that will greet us next November at the said Vegas venue? Given the brand-bending identity of this muscle monster, which puts a 2015 Dodge Challenger front end on a 1965 Ford Mustang body and them some, certain enthusiasts might need a bit of time to get used to the idea.

Then again, accepting the cross-Detroit face swap isn’t the only effort a muscle fanatic must make when presented with this machine—underneath the skin of the bad boy, we find the chassis of an E46 BMW 3 Series.

The answers to the obvious questions (e.g. why would anybody use an early 2000s Bimmer as a base for such a muscle proposal?) come from the website of California-based Custom FN Customs, the builder handling the mashup.

As it turns out, the ’65 body came from a customer who wasn’t pleased with the serious investment the car required to be brought to the proper shape, while 3 Series used to be shop furniture before this plan (it’s also a serious drifting tool, which seems to be high on the list of priorities for the build).

It’s worth noting that while the said website lists the German car as a 2001 325i, the Instagram post below mentions a 2004 BMW 330i (oh well, at least both are six-piston models).

There’s no official reason for the Mopar front clip installation, so your guess is as good as ours. However, we have to mention that a widebody approach was used, with these custom arches appearing to be more generous than what a factory Challenger Hellcat Widebody has to offer.

Apparently borrowing its Wallenstien name from a German racehorse (for the record our first search led to Thirty Years’ War military leader Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein), the Mustang body has already landed on top of the BMW underpinnings, as showcased in the first image of the post.

Until the rest of the bits are sorted out, digital artist Abimelec Arellano (a.k.a. abimelecdesign) has masterfully rendered the result for us, electroluminescent-coated stripes and all (yep, these bits light up at the touch of a button). Nevertheless, it’s not clear if all the Challenger parts seen here (i.e., hood and door mirrors) will make the final cut.

The Chevy bit(s) of this Fastback fusion? Nothing of the sort has been mentioned so far, but the shop is currently building an LS-swapped E46, so we wouldn’t be surprise to see such a setup here.



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